Trial Balance

The trial balance, (TB) also known as the General Ledger, is a list of all the nominal accounts (both revenue and capital) contained in the business.  This same list of nominal accounts can be found by going to Settings->Chart of Accounts.

Running the Report

In Tally, you can run the Trial Balance by going to Tools and Reports > General Reports > Trial Balance, then enter the start date and the end date you require the data for, now press Next.

Understanding the Report

Tally is a little different from any other accountancy software in that it allows you to select a start date.  The report will list all of your nominal codes in your account and the balance that is sitting on those codes for the time frame you have run.  However to get accurate data, it should really always be run for the entire length of the business and this is always entered for you by default, otherwise a message at the top will appear advising you what the start date of your account is.  To see what transactions make up the balance just click on the nominal code you would like to drill into.


The sum of all debits should always be equal to the sum of the credit side with any disagreement indicating an error.  If this should happen, please get in touch with us to troubleshoot this for you.

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