Telephone Payments - Step 2 - Setting Up Card Processor

The next steps will enable the payment processor.  To access these, click Settings > Card Options.

  1. The options at the top of the page under the header "Card-holder not present payments" are for telephone payments, use this section.  The section at the bottom labelled Pay Online is for a Pay Online button to appear on your invoices.
  2. Using the drop-down, select your payment processor.
  3. Enter in your user credentials for that payment processor, your processor should issue you with these at the time of sign up.
  4. Select the bank account that you would like to record the payments as going into.
  5. Select the currency of your payments (please note that Tally does not currently support multi-currency bank accounts, this means that the currency should be the same as your selected bank account.
  6. Select the payment method you would like to record these payments as (you can set up payment methods by going to Settings > Payment Methods).
  7. If you would like to test your connection to the payment processor only then tick the box for test mode.  Please note that when test mode is enabled payments will not be collected from your customers.
  8. If you would also like to use this processor for Pay Online Button on Invoice payments then tick the Use Above Settings box.
  9. Click Update.

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