Stop Invoice Lines Starting On a New Page

If you have a really long invoice or quote line, you may find that it starts on a new page.  This is because our system is designed to try and stop a line being split across multiple pages.  This is great if it's the third or fourth line on your invoice, it keeps things nice and tidy.  But if it's the first line on your invoice then it can look really odd.  You can alter this behaviour by creating a new theme and then going to the "HTML & CSS" section.  Choose "document.css" and edit it at around line 50 to change #pdfdoc #document-lines td, #pdfdoc #document-lines th{ padding:2px 8px; page-break-inside:avoid; } to #pdfdoc #document-lines td, #pdfdoc #document-lines th{ padding:2px 8px; }.  So just removing the "page-break-inside:avoid;" line.  You'll then find any documents you create using this Theme don't try to avoid breaking lines over various pages.

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