Sales Types

You can view existing Sales Types by going to Settings > Sales Types or Sales > Sales Types.  Sales types can be thought of categories of goods and services.  A sales type will appear on your reports such as trial balance and profit & loss.  Sales types can contain products.  An example would be:

  • Sales Type = "White Shirts".
  • + Product = "Size Small".
  • + Product = "Size Medium".
  • + Product = "Size Large".

Sales types can help you organise your reports, effectively track how much money a certain type of good/service is making and is used in our stock control features.

Adding Sales Types

To add a new Sales Type, on the Sales Type page enter in the name of the Sales Type in the text box labelled "Enter sales type name".  The number in the text box immediately to the left is the nominal code for this new sales type.  When ready, click the Add button.

Deleting a Sales Type

You can delete a Sales Type in two ways; by going to Settings > Sales Types then either:

  • Delete individually - Clicking on the Sales Type and then clicking the Delete button.
  • Delete more than one at once - ticking the boxes down the right of the Sales Type list, selecting Delete Sales Types in the select an action box, click Go.

Please note, if you delete a Sales Type that has transactions assigned against it all transactions will be re-assigned to the default nominal code. Sales Types deletions cannot be undone.

Default Sales Type

Your default Sales Type is the Sales Type that appears when you first add a line item to the invoice for ALL customers.  Change this by going to Settings > Sales Types > Select the new default sales type  using the drop down at the bottom of the page > Click Update.  You can change this on a per customer basis, click here for details on that.  The per customer default sales type will take precedence.

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