Sage Export

Tally believes that you own your data, therefore we give you the option to export your data into the standard Sage format which is downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet.  Using this data you can import your data into almost any other accountancy software if necessary.  

Running the Report

Access this report by going to Tools and Reports > General Reports > Sage Export.  Using the options on the left enter the report date range (to capture all data we advise using a start date of 01/01/1970) and tick the box to include payment information in your audit trail.  When ready click the Re-Run Report button.  Your report will now be ready for download.  Click the four download buttons to download all customers and their data, all suppliers and their data, your nominal codes and your entire audit trail.  Please note that this export does not include any attachments or other documents stored in Tally.  Also note that support cannot help with the importing of this data into any other systems.

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