Running VAT Return

To submit your VAT return simply go to REPORTS > GENERAL REPORTS and select VAT Management and Reports.

If this is the first time you have run this report you will taken to the VAT SETTINGS page where you will have the option to choose whether you are on the Flat Rate Scheme or Cash Accounting and also set your VAT period.  Click ‘update’ once you have finished.

If you click New VAT Report and provide the relevant dates then we will show you all the necessary figures for submitting your VAT return.

At anytime you can change the date range for this report as well as print the page.

You now need to click ‘Submit VAT return’ at the bottom of the page.

The next screen will ask you to confirm that you are submitting your VAT return on paper or, if you've registered for online filing, that you want us to submit it to HMRC for you.

Once you click ‘Confirm’ this will make all the necessary journal entries in your Tally account to reflect your VAT return.

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