Reversing Return Submitted for Incorrect Period

You may submit your VAT Return to HMRC through Tally but shortly after, receive an email saying there was an error to do with the period not being found like the one below:

Error Raised By: CHRIS  Error Type: business  Error Description: The VAT Period you have entered 2011-08 for the VRN106391433 was not found, please check and resubmit if necessary.  Error Location: HMRC We will now stop processing this return.  You can resubmit it by selecting it  from your list of submitted VAT returns.

This message means that you tried to submit a VAT return for the wrong VAT period – most likely this would be dated too early (i.e. your submitting a return that was dated February to May when your VAT period is March to June) or you’ve already submitted a return for the period that VAT return is dated.

In such a case, we suggest you contact HMRC directly to find out what VAT period they were expecting as the system only relays the information received from them.

If it is the case where you have submitted your return early and you would like to reverse it, then all you need to do to reverse this is simply delete the VAT Return by viewing it and choosing the delete button.

Then you must also delete the journal entry that was created.  If you haven't already enabled the journal area then, this can be done by going to Settings-> Advanced Settings->Enable Journal.

You will then see the journal tab appear at the top of the page, click this, find the relevant journal and click the delete button.

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