Restoring From Tally Backup

It is important to note that the Tally backup file cannot be used to restore an entire Tally account.  Instead, the backup file is a purely transactional record of all financial data that has been entered into your account and is intended to be used for electronic records only.


  • Tally backup is intended to restore in an external application and not into Tally itself.
  • You can restore customers, suppliers and nominal codes from the backup file but cannot restore the transactions.
  • The transactions file consists of a consolidated list of sales, purchases, bank transactions and journals and so splitting this information and restoring it to Tally is very tricky and not advisable.
  • Also the files will be in a universal format and when trying to restore them back into your account, Tally will have to separate the different sections such as customers, suppliers, sales invoices, purchase receipts, quotes, etc. and fill in the data into their appropriate sections respectively.


So, if you need to restore any of the transactions, you can check the back-up file for the transactions and then manually enter it in Tally.  Similarly, you can separate out all these transactions and use the CSV importer to re-import the data, however it would involve a lot of work.  Please note that support cannot assist with the separation and re-importing of data.

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