Repeat Purchases

Do you make a payment every week/month/year (etc.) to the same supplier?  Setting up a Repeat Purchase may be the right function for you!

If you have a direct debit - a fixed payment amount you pay routinely, you can create a Repeat Purchase within Tally via Purchases > Repeat Purchases > Add Repeating Purchase.

Here you can select the frequency of the event, enter supplier details, and if applicable set Tally to automatically add a payment when this invoice is raised.

Please note: if you have a direct debit and it varies, this option may not be right for you.  However, you could set up a Repeat Purchase that does not include payment so when the receipt is raised by our system, it will remain listed as “unpaid.”  This would fill in the majority of details, and in theory, prompt you to go in change the figures.

Also see our article on Repeat Invoices.  Referred to as Repeat Billing – these are invoices raised to your customers on a consistent basis.

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