Refund Part Payment - Leaving the Invoice as Part Paid

This guidance shows you how to refund a partial-payment against an invoice but leave the invoice as unpaid, this might be used if a cheque bounces or a customer does a chargeback on their card.

Issuing the Refund

To refund a fully paid invoice go to Sales > Select the fully paid invoice > Click the Refund button at the bottom.  Using the three options, select the first one, Refund the payment received for this invoice.  Then, using the payment details section at the bottom enter:

  • Date – The date the money left your bank account to give the customer their money back.
  • Amount refunded – This is the amount that you refunded to this customer. By default this is the full amount of the invoice, change this by typing in the amount you have refunded to the text box.
  • Account/Method – Using the drop down box select which account the refunded amount has been paid out from, and the method that you refunded the customer.
  • Note – You can use the text box here to enter in a note about the refund, for example the date you posted the cheque to the customer.

When you’re ready, click the Refund button.  You are then taken back to the invoice screen where the invoice remains unpaid, and with a partial payment subtraction line against the unpaid.

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