Refund Overpayment - Leaving the Invoice as Fully Paid

If a customer has paid you too much you can quickly and easily refund the overpayment in Tally.

Issuing the Refund

To start, go to Sales > Select the invoice that has been overpaid.  At the top of the invoice you will see it is marked as overpaid and the amount it is overpaid by is listed just below this.  To record the refund of the overpayment go to the Payment Details section of the invoice, and press Add Payment.  You’ll see a negative payment already prepared for you with a negative figure to the amount of the over payment.  If required, modify the amount field to the amount you have refunded – ensuring that is as negative figure as this represents a paid out figure.  Change the date to the date that the money left your bank account and select the bank account and payment method that you paid the money out from.  When ready, click the Add Payment button.  A payment line will then appear showing the money as having been paid back out.  If all the overpayment has been paid out the invoice status will change to paid.

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