Recording Fuel Charges

In order to record the fuel charges, you can create a general Supplier called – Fuel.  You can do that by going to Suppliers > Add a New Supplier.  This will save you time to enter in details of each and every petrol station you go to.  Then you can follow the procedure mentioned below:

  1. Click 'Purchases' from the top menu bar.
  2. 'New Receipt' .
  3. As the supplier, just select the Supplier - Fuel.
  4. Change the receipt and payment date to the date that you went to the station.
  5. Change the 'Outgoing Type' to 'Travel' (by default we've already got this set up in Tally under code 7400).
  6. Enter in the Net Rate.
  7. Tick the 'Paid' box, select how you paid and add a little note if you wanted.
  8. Hit the 'Create receipt' button.

You can enter all the receipts to the same purchase receipt as line items or you can add them as separate purchase receipts.

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