Recording Bulk Payment on Sales

You may find sometimes that you have received payment for multiple invoices from a customer; this can be recorded as one payment to save you having to pay each one manually.

How to record the payment

This can be done by going to Sales> Bulk Payments, where you will then be asked for.

  • Date – The day you received the payment on.
  • Comment – This sis the comment shown in the bank area, you may have a reference number you want to enter.
  • Account – You will need to select which bank account it was paid into.
  • Method – This is how you received the payment.

Once you have filled in this information you will then be taken to a page with a list of invoices you can pay.  You can mark an invoice as paid by putting a tick in the box and then pressing Add Payments.  Once you have made all the payments you are Finished The invoices will be marked as paid and it will show as one entry in the bank.

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