Project Settings

Project Settings allow you to determine how Projects in Tally should work.  This guidance elaborates on each setting and its function.  Access these settings by going to Settings > Projects.


Within this page, use the options to:

  • Enabled - Ticking this switches on projects.
  • Name - Use this field to rename projects to something more relevant if required, this should be the singular form as it will be automatically pluralized - i.e. "Department" not "Departments".
  • Date Field 1 - Use this to define how a Start Date should be displayed - i.e. "Job Commencing".
  • Date Field 2 - Use this to define how an End Date should be displayed - i.e. "Job Ending Target".
  • Customer Field - Tick this to enable the option to assign specific customers to a project, you can then go to Customers > Select a customer > Options > Select Project.
  • Work In Progress - Ticking this allows you to use Work In Progress calculations on your projects.
  • Sort Order - By default your projects are sorted by project number, however to make it easier you can sort your project list by name of creation date.
  • Journals - Tick this to allow journals to be assigned to projects.  When creating or editing a journal entry simply use the project drop down to assign it to a project.
  • Bank - Tick this box to allow bank transactions to be directly assigned to Projects.  Assign them when creating or editing a bank transaction using the Project drop down.
  • Set at line Level - By default you assign entire invoices and purchases to a project.  Instead, you can choose to set individual line items to a project by ticking this box.
  • Show on Invoices - Tick this box to show the project name on the invoice.

When you've made your changes, click Save Settings.

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