NON-EC Sales List

The Non-EC Sales List displays a list of sales made to customers that you have selected as being based outside the EC.  Access this report by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports > Non-EC Sales List.  If you're looking for information on the EC Sales list please click here.


Please note that you will need to have the VAT registered option enabled to be able to run the Non-EC Sales List report correctly.  Enable this option by going to Settings > Company Details > Tick the box for VAT Registered.  There is a critical setting that you need to be aware of when recording EC /Non-EC Sales and running an EC Sales List.  This is setting the customer as based outside the EC.  Set if a customer is based outside the EC by going to Customers > Selecting the Customer > Options > Tick the box for based outside the EC > Update.

Running the Report

Run the non-EC Sales List by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports > Non-EC Sales List.  Use the Start Date/End Date to set the date range of the report.  When you’re ready, click Rerun Report.  The report is now visible at the bottom of the page.

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