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The MailChimp integration allows you to draw customers from your Tally account and import it into MailChimp i.e. First name, Last name and most importantly their email address. Once you have successfully imported your customer data from your Tally account to your MailChimp account you can begin mass emailing your clients using MailChimp.

Setting Up

Registering MailChimp

If you’ve not already got a MailChimp account you’ll need to sign up (don’t worry, it’s free!). To sign up for MailChimp and to find out a bit more information just head to

Linking Tally and MailChimp

Tally and MailChimp are linked via something called an API (this is just computer talk for a way for software to talk to each other and share information). To setup the Tally and MailChimp integration just follow this quick step-by-step. In MailChimp locate your API Key by:

  1. Log into MailChimp
  2. Click ‘Account’
  3. Click ‘API key & Authorise Apps’
  4. Click ‘API Key’
  5. Copy the API Key that is displayed

Log into Tally and then:

  1. Click ‘Settings’
  2. Towards the very bottom click ‘MailChimp Intigration’
  3. Click the button labelled ‘I have my MailChimp account, let me enter my details’
  4. Tick the box for enabled and copy in your key to the text box labelled ‘API Key’. Click ‘Test API Key’ to make sure it works
  5. When you’re done, just hit ‘Update’
  6. Viola! You’re done!


Transferring data

Once you’ve set up Tally + MailChimp the first step is to create a list in your MailChimp account. To do this, in MailChimp just click ‘Lists’ and then ‘Create List’ The next step is to update your MailChimp account by pushing the information from Tally to MailChimp. To do this click ‘Settings’, ‘MailChimp Integration’ and finally ‘Update MailChimp Data’. Once the update starts Tally queues the information and sends it to MailChimp, when this process is finished it will be marked as complete. Upon the completion of the transfer, Tally will display other information such as Successful transfers, Skipped transfers and Errors. MailChimp simultaneously will have all the successfully transferred customers’ data in the list that you previously created.

Lists on MailChimp

It is possible to have more than one list on the users MailChimp account; there is a setting in Tally that specifies which list the users Tally imports go to (Setting -> MailChimp Integration -> MailChimp Settings -> List ID). The List ID option allows you to select which list you would like your Tally data to be imported to.

Lists in regards to Double Opt-in and Send Welcome Email options

Both of these Options are located in Tally: Settings > MailChimp Integration > MailChimp Settings.

Double Opt-in

The Double Opt-in option is an automated system that sends an email to all the recipients that have just been imported from your Tally account to your MailChimp account. This email allows the recipient to confirm that they are subscribing to your list by clicking on a link which initiates the confirmation. Once the recipient is confirmed they will be sent another email informing them of their confirmation.

Send Welcome Email

The Send Welcome Email option is another automated email which is sent to all recipients that have been successfully imported from the Tally account to the MailChimp account. Both of these settings are subject to the lists that are in MailChimp. If the user imports their customer details into a list for the first time and these options are ticked, the system will send out emails to the recipients. If however the user has imported their customers details into this list already and there are new details that are being imported then this email will only be sent to the new customers/suppliers you are importing. If you are importing to a completely different list then all of your customer information will be imported into this list and if the Double opt-in and Send Welcome Email settings are enabled then this will send emails to all the recipients included in the import.

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