Import Invoice Payments CSV

You can import invoice payments using out CSV Importer.  This guidance below contains the required and optional fields and describes how they should be formatted.  The invoices must currently already be in Tally.

Required Fields

The invoice payments import requires three critical fields:

  • Invoice Number – this is the invoice number that the payment will be applied to – it must be a number and already exist in Tally– i.e. “101”.
  • Paid Date – this is the date that invoice was paid, it must be in DD/MM/YYYY format – i.e. “01/01/2012”.
  • Paid Amount – this is the amount that was paid against the invoice, it must be a number to a maximum of two decimal places and not include the currency symbol– i.e. “10.99”.

Optional Fields

The other optional fields you can have are listed below, along with a description, how it should be formatted and example text:

  • Paid Account – this is the nominal code of the bank account that the payment was paid into, the nominal code is available in your Chart of Accounts – i.e. “5000”.
  • Payment Note - this can be a note regarding the payment – i.e. “Payment was a day late”.
  • Payment Method – this is the method that the customer paid you – it must already be defined in your Payment Methods – i.e. “Cash”.

Uploading the template

To import, click Settings > Import Data > Import CSV Files > Enter in your Username & Password > Select CSV > Select Invoice Payments > Upload your file > Use the drop downs to map the file.


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