Field Names - Invoice Options

This option can be found by going to Settings > Invoice Options >Field Names and here you have the ability to change 4 Fields, for example "Quantity".

Invoice Name - You can rename your invoices, to anything you like.  For most people "Invoice" is fine, but some people may want to rename this.  For example "Factura".

Credit Note Name - You can also rename Credit Notes if you want to.  When you create an invoice for a negative amount, this is the title it'll have.

Customer Reference - You can include a customer reference on your invoices; this is often used for Purchase Order numbers.  You can also include this field on-screen where your invoices are listed on the Sales page, to enable this just tick the option.

Qty - Rename the field to something more appropriate to you - perhaps 'Hours' or 'Days'.  You can tick the box to completely remove the Quantity field from printed invoices, this is found under PDF themes.

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