Enabling the API

The API allows Tally and a third party program to talk to each other and exchange data. You'll need to enable the API if you want to use any of our add-ons, integrations or the iPhone app. For most applications using the API you will simply need to tick the box for Enable API and un-tick the Restrict Access box.

Enabling the API

To enable the API just go to Settings > API Settings.

  • Enabled – tick here to switch on the API
  • Remote Login – this feature lets the application provide you with a link so as to seamlessly direct you to pages within Tally without having to ask you to log in again. The API must also be enabled
  • Restrict Access – these options let us restrict access to your account via the API to certain IP addresses. If you don't know the application's IP address leave this option unticked
  • Password Settings – this lets you choose from either your standard Tally password or set a new one for use with the API. This means that third party applications and add ons will need to use this password, rather than your main Tally password

When you've made your changes just click the Update button.

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