Keebo saves time dealing with receipts and expense documents. Send them in by freepost, email, fax or mobile and they do all the hard work. They scan and extract all the data and publish it directly into Tally.

Setting Up

To integrate Keebo and Tally first enable the Tally API by logging into Tally and clicking Settings > API Settings > Tick the box for enable the API, untick restrict by IP address and click Update. You then need to login to your Keebo account and click on 'Add Accounting Software' on the left navigation bar. A new page will open, and you need to scroll down and click on KashFlow. Once here you will be prompted to enter your Tally login details – you should leave the boxes at the bottom unchecked. Click 'Update accounting software' and Tally and Keebo will now be connected.

Import your Tally nominal codes

Whilst still in Keebo you need to go to 'Add Accounting Software' and at the bottom of the page tick the 'import nominal codes' tick box. You should see the following message appear: 'Nominal Codes imported Successfully'. Your categories within Keebo will then reflect your Tally nominal codes, and as well as automatic categorisation you can get your receipts from a supplier into the correct Tally category, automatically.

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