Emailing Invoices

The following steps describe how to e-mail invoices from within Tally, both individually and in bulk.


To e-mail an invoice in Tally just click Sales > Select the Invoice > Click the E-Mail Invoice button in the top right of the screen.  You'll then be prompted for the customers e-mail address (this automatically fills if you've got one set in the customers profile), an option to select an e-mail template, a subject (this automatically fills with 'Invoice from [your company name]), message text.  When you're ready just press the Send Email button.  

Multiple at once

To e-mail multiple invoices at once just click Sales > Use the tick boxes down the right hand side of the screen to select the invoices you would like to send > Use the drop down at the bottom of the page labelled Select an action to select E-mail Invoices > Click Go.  On the next screen review the invoices that are about to get sent, when ready click the Send Emails button.

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