Email Templates

If you e-mail through Tally often, you might find it easier to use e-mail templates.  E-mail templates allow you to pick from a standard set of templates and can also include HTML and text substitutions.

Setting Up

You can set up e-mail templates by going to Settings > E-Mail Templates.  To setup a new template, just click the Add New Template button in the top right of the screen.   You'll then be prompted for a few details:

  1. Template Name - This is the name of your template as it will appear in your drop-down lists.  You should try to be quite specific, i.e. 'Overdue Invoice Template'.
  2. Subject - This is the e-mail subject as it will appear to your customer.
  3. Message - This is the text that will appear in the e-mail.  You can choose if you would like to send this message as plain text or as HTML, you can also use text substitutions in this section.

When you've finished creating your template, just click the Save button.

Modifying an e-mail template

To modify an existing template just select one from the list and just follow the same process as described above.

Using your e-mail template

You can now use your e-mail template in any e-mail screen within Tally.  To use on an invoice, just click Sales > Select the invoice > E-Mail Invoice button.  Use the Template Name drop down to select your template and the other details will automatically fill.

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