EKM Powershop

EKM Powershop is a service that lets you sell your products through your very own eCommerce web store. Using our integration, you can set EKM to automatically import all your sales and customer details across – making life so much easier for you! You’ll need to have an EKM PowerShop account before you start.

Setting Up

To set up Tally to work with EKM just follow this quick step-by-step guide:

  1. When logged into Tally click Settings and then down at the very bottom click EKM PowerShop
  2. Click the 'Lets get started' button
  3. Enter in a profile name, your EKM username and password and a start date – this is the date to that you want to bring your transactions from EKM PowerShop into Tally. It will not draw any transactions before this date
  4. Set up your default configuration
  • Customers
    • Create individual customers. If this option is ticked then either one of two things will take place: if the transaction has not got a customer to be applied to in Tally it will be imported into the system and will create a new customer out of the details applied to that transaction. It will then raise an invoice for that particular customer.
    • If the customer already exists in the account then the transaction will be applied to the customer, Tally identifies that the transaction to that customer by the email address (email address of the customer in customer details and the email address of the transaction). Synonymous with this option is ‘Customer Source’, which the user can select; this will be applied to the new customer that it created out of an import.
    • Assign to a single customer. If this option is ticked then each time you import a transaction (for an old or new customer) the invoice that is generated will automatically go to one customer. This option would ask you which customer you would like to apply this to.
  • Bank Account – select the bank account that you want all the transactions to be recorded as paid to.
  • Payment Method – select the payment method that you want to show the transaction paid as on the invoice.
  • Sales Type – the sales type that is selected on this option will be applied to all the invoice line items that are imported into from EKM PowerShop in Tally.
  • Delivery Sales Type – the sales type that is selected here will be applied to the delivery charge line item.
  • VAT Rate – select the rate of VAT applied to the transaction, the system with then take the gross amount of the transaction from EKM Powershop, separate the VAT from the gross according to the rate set in the option, then import the transaction with the net and VAT showing on the invoice.
  1. When all your settings are correct click Save
  2. You will then be taken to the profile page where you can import your transactions


Once you’ve got EKM PowerShop set up, you will see an Import button on our main Tally overview screen. Using this, you can import your transactions from EKM whenever you like.

  1. Click the Import button and this will start importing transactions from your EKM PowerShop to EKM PowerShop importer staging area in Tally where you can review what has been imported before putting it into Tally.
  2. Using the tickboxes on the right hand side of your transactions, select a group of transactions (i.e. all invoices) and use the drop down at the bottom to run an action on your selection.
  • Delete the transaction – this will remove the transaction before it comes in to Tally.
  • Create Invoice(s) – this option would create a new invoice in the system for either an existing client or create a new client for this transaction to be applied to depending on which option is selected in Default configurations.
  • Assign payments to existing invoice(s) – if you have an existing unpaid invoice in the system, then you can apply the payment of this transaction to that invoice.
  1. Once you have selected how you would like the transaction to be processed click Go.

Please note: PayPal fees are not automatically imported in to Tally, you will need to raise these manually as a money out bank transaction.

EKM Customer Database

If you want to import your customer data from your EKM account into Tally, this is done every time you import an EKM transaction that has not got a customer that is already in Tally. Tally will automatically create a customer from this transactions data and then raise an invoice for it. If the customer is already in the account then the transaction will be sent to the customer being linked by the email address of the transaction.

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