EC Sales List

Your EC Sales List is a report detailing all VATable sales of goods and certain services made to EC customers over a certain period.  This guidance explains some basic settings and how to run the report within Tally.


Please note that you will need to have the VAT registered option enabled to be able to run the EC Sales List report correctly.  Enable this option by going to Settings > Company Details > Tick the box for VAT Registered.  There are two crucial settings that you should be aware of when recording EC Sales and running an EC Sales List.  The first is setting the customer in another EC state, and the other is deciding if a select sales type/nominal should be included on the EC Sales List.

  • Customer - set if a customer is based in another EC member state by going to Customers > Selecting the Customer > Options > Tick the box for based in another EC member state > Update.
  • Include/Exclude - by default all sales (everything on an invoice) made to EC customers will be included on the EC Sales list.  You can choose to exclude certain lines by deciding on a per-nominal basis to include/exclude on the EC Sales List.  Do this by first enabling the setting in Settings > Advanced Settings > Ticking the box for EC Sales > Update.  You can then specify to include/exclude by going to Sales > Sales Types > Select the Sales Type > Tick/untick the Include on EC Sales List box.

Running the Report

Access the EC Sales List by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports > EC Sales List.  Use the following options to set the parameters of the report:

  • Start Date/End Date - this is the date range of the report.
  • Cash Accounting - Tick this box to include EC Sales invoices paid between these dates, untick this box to run the report for invoices issued between these dates.
  • Bring forward older unreconciled items - tick this box to include items from before the start date that haven't previously been filed in an EC sales list.

When you're ready, click Rerun Report.  The report is now visible at the bottom of the page.

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