Tally and EasywebStore integrate seamlessly, meaning you can run your own online store selling products via EasywebStore and have Tally handle the accounting side for you.

Setting Up Tally

To integrate Easy Web Store and Tally first enable the Tally API by logging into Tally and clicking Settings > API Settings > Tick the box for enable the API, untick restrict by IP address and click Update.

Setting Up Easy Web Store

To set up EasywebStore, just follow this quick step-by-step guide:

  1. When logged into EWS, hit the arrow to the right of 'Store Settings' to show a menu.
  2. Towards the bottom of the menu, you'll see an option labelled 'Addons & Plugins' – click that.
  3. Select the tab labelled 'Accounting' and click the 'Configure now' button to the right of KashFlow.
  4. Enter in your Tally details including username and password and the date you want the integration to start, if you want to import previous data (i.e. if you've already made sales through EWS and want to bring in the invoices and customer details of previous customers) then you can select a date in the past. Don't worry about the sales type drop down, we'll get back to that in a minute.
  5. Hit the 'Connect' button.
  6. Go make yourself a cup of tea, right now EWS is connecting with Tally getting things called Sales Types, these are basically the names and codes for goods that you've already got set up in Tally. If you're a standard user you don't really need to worry about them and can simply use the Tally standard one which is 'Sale of Goods'.
  7. Hit the 'Configure Now' button again, all your details should still be there – this time select the KashFlow Sales Type drop down and set it to 'Sale of Goods' (or if you're an advanced user and have created your own sales type in Tally then select that).
  8. Hit the 'Connect' button again

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