Document Customisation - Alpha Numeric Invoice Number

Invoice numbers in Tally can only be numeric, however we have developed a workaround to simulate alpha-numeric invoice numbers and record them as such in Tally.  This workaround involves using the Customer Reference field for your own numbering format and editing the PDF Theme to show the Customer Reference number in place of the invoice number.

Creating a new Theme

To create a new theme or modify an existing theme go to Settings > PDF Themes.  Please note that you can't modify the HTML and CSS in the Classic or Clean themes, if you're currently using either of these you will need to create a new theme by clicking Add New Theme.  

Modifying the HTML & CSS

The next step is to modify the HTML and CSS of the theme.  This may require the help of your web designer or someone that understands HTML.  The first step is to stop the Customer Reference field from being shown.  To do this, add the following line to the end of the CSS:


After that, edit the HTML (document.html) to force it to show the value for the Customer Reference field in place of the invoice number.  To do this change the following section:

REMOVE THIS: <label>[INFO_LABEL_1]:</label><div>[INFO_VALUE_1]</div>REPLACE WITH: <label>[INFO_LABEL_1]:</label><div>[INFO_VALUE_5]</div>

Be sure to save the template by clicking Save & Exit.  If this is a new theme be sure to apply it as your default theme or to apply it on a per customer basis.  Please also note that the Tally numeric invoice will continue to be used internally, this will only modify the invoice number on PDF documents.

Renaming the Field

To make it easier for yourself you can rename the Customer Reference field.  This will only rename the field within Tally and the label is for your reference, we suggest "External Invoice Number" or similar.  To do that go to Settings > Invoice Options > Fields > Rename Customer Reference > Update.

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