Display Settings

The display settings allow you to customise and configure Tally to your own tastes.  These settings can be accessed by going to Settings > Display Settings.  The main options on this page are:

  • Breadcrumbs - this gives you a trail at the top of the page showing you how you've navigated to that page and allowing you to jump back quickly.
  • Display density - this lets you choose your list line spacing.  Lists affected include the invoice screen and purchases screen.
  • Colours - using the main square boxes, choose the colours that you would like your Tally to be in, you can then press the calculator symbol for the appropriate shades to be automatically calculated.  The blues section is for menu bar and highlighted items, where-as the pink is for list titles and some highlighted text.
  • VAT Liability - this allows you to show your current VAT liability on the overview page.  This will be reset after you have run your return.  Please note that this isn't the current balance of VAT Control, it is the presumptive balance of the input and output VAT - thus it is the balance of this quarters VAT liability regardless if you have paid the previous quarters.
  • Graphs - this lets you choose what information to display in the right hand graph.  The left hand graph cannot be modified.

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