Direct Debits - Step 1 - Setting Up GoCardless

The first step in accepting direct debit payments in Tally is to set up GoCardless.  GoCardless are a payment processor that collects funds via direct debit from your customers bank account on your behalf for a small per-transactional fee.  To start, just follow the guidance below:

  1. Click Settings > GoCardless then click the Create a GoCardless Account button.
  2. You’ll see the setup popup appear.  Follow the registration steps to set up a GoCardless Account.  If you've already got one just enter in your e-mail address, you'll be prompted to sign in.
  3. You should now be redirected to your GoCardless settings page within Tally.  From here you set where you want Tally to record your incoming GoCardless payments and modify your GoCardless Email Templates.  The most important settings here are the following:
  • Bank Account - This is where payments made via GoCardless will be recorded as being deposited in Tally, due to fees and for reconciliation purposes we recommend you set up a new bank account in Tally and call it 'GoCardless Account' and select that here.
  • Payment Method - This is the payment method that will show against payments made using GoCardless.
  • Receiving Account - This is where the money less fees will show as being deposited.
  • Fees Code - This is the nominal code that the fees will be recorded against, we automatically set one up named GoCardless Fees and will default to that.
  • Auto-Configure - This will automatically set you up a pay online button on your invoices that allows your customers to pay you instantly.  Please note that ticking this will replace any current Pay Online settings.
  1. Click Update.

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