Did My Email Send?

Have I e-mailed an invoice/quote/purchase order?

To review records of emails you have sent to your customers, open the quote/invoice in question.  Scroll to the bottom and under the header "NOTE," there will be details of the send out.  Details include the date and the “send to” email address.  You can click this row to add more notes.  Additionally, you can see at a glance which invoices you have emailed and those you haven’t.  Via Settings > Invoice Options > Display Options tick the box labelled “Email Sent Icon.”  If you tick this box, then under the Sales tab (list of all invoices), invoices that have been email will display an icon.

Have I e-mailed a statement?

To review emailed Customer Statements (statements generated via Customers > Invoices Estimates & Stats > Statement of Account button at the bottom) please go to Customers > Open the Customer data > Notes & Files.  Here you will see notes detailing when and to whom statements have been sent.

If you think you’ve sent the e-mail but there is no record in notes

Your email has not been sent.  Repeat: your email has not been sent.  Try sending yourself a test (Open the invoice/quote > Email Invoice > Swap out client email for your own).


If the email sends successfully to yourself… were you originally trying to email multiple people at once?  If so, make sure they are formatted with a semi-colon between (ex: abc@kashflow.com; xyz@kashflow.com).  If the email does not send successfully to yourself… ensure the addresses you have entered in Settings > Company Details AND Settings > Email Options are correct.  Remove any extra spaces and characters not part of the address.

If you’ve sent the e-mail but your customer hasn’t received it

It is likely a Spam filter enabled on your customers email account.

Helpful tip: BCC’ing yourself on all e-mails

At this time the best solution to reviewing/keeping a record of emails you have sent to customers is to BCC yourself on all of them.  You can do this automatically via Settings>Email Options>Enable the BCC feature and enter the email address you would like to send copies to.  Now you will receive copies of invoices and quotes sent out to your customers in your email Inbox.

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