Customer Discounts

If you have a customer that receives a discount then you can set Tally to apply the discount for you. Discounts can be either manual or automatic, you can set these up by going to Settings > Invoice Options > Payments & Discounts.

Setting Up

Use the discounts option to enable automatic on manual discounts:

  • Automatic – this means that the discount will be automatically applied to a set of sales types. For example, if you had the customer set to receive a 50% discount on just on certain product then as soon as you enter that as a line item Tally will automatically subtract the 50% discount
  • Manual – this means that the discount will not be applied until you click on an Apply Discount button. This way, you can add all discounted line items and press the Apply Discount button before proceeding to add additional non-discounted line items

Setting the Customer Discount Rate

To set up a discount for a Customer just go to Customers > Select the Customer > Options Tab > Enter in the rate of discount. Ticking the Show Discount box will mean that when you produce a new invoice for this customer the discount will feature as a line item. Leaving this box unticked will mean that the discount is applied but the discount caption will not be displayed.

Automatic Discounts

Automatic discounts will automatically subtract the percentage discount from the set price of a sales type or a product. For example, if you've got a product in Tally that's £1,200 and a customer discount of 50%, then selecting this product will automatically insert the price as £600. For example, this product's price is set to £1,200; however, when an invoice is created for this customer who has a 50% discount, and this item is added the price is automatically reduced.

Manual Discounts

Setting Manual discounts allows you to have a button on the customers invoice. Clicking that will apply the rate of discount to all line items you've entered above it. This means you can enter in some items, apply the discount to these only, and then enter in the full price items straight after. To apply a manual discount make sure you've got your discount settings set to manual and a customer discount rate set as explained above, afterwards just create or select an invoice for the customer from the Sales screen. You will see a button labelled Apply X% Discount, just click that to apply the discount to all line items above it.  The discount is calculated and you'll then be asked to review and confirm it. The discount is then added to the invoice as a line item.

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