Customer Details

The customer details screen is where you import all information about this customer. To access it, click Customers > Select a customer. To make it easily accessible you’ve got a selection of tabs along the top, these are:

  • Contact Details – this is where you put in all the address and contact details for this customer, as well as a separate delivery address for this customers invoices too if needed
  • Options – this tab lets you change the standard defaults for your customers and define things like this customers VAT number if they are a business, if they are based outside the EC, will let you change the default payment terms (date when the customer has to pay you by) and more
  • Other Info (labelled CIS & Other Info if you have CIS enabled) – in this screen if you have GoCardless enabled you can set up a direct debit mandate for this customer or view details on their existing mandate (such as how much you are authorized to collect). If you have CIS enabled you can tick the box for Apply CIS to Invoice to automatically apply a CIS deduction to this customers invoices and set the rate of that too
  • Invoices, Stats, Etc – this is where you can view all your invoices, quotes and statistics for this customer. You can see important details including how much this customer is worth to your business, any outstanding amounts and their average time to pay. You can also set up repeat billing and record advanced payments & deposits. You can also view customer statements showing all invoices and payments by clicking the Customer Statement button
  • Forms & Envelopes – this is where you can easily use the details stored in this customers record to print off envelopes or a standing order mandate that you can post to your customer
  • Notes & Files – in this screen, you can add private notes about this customer that you can access and refer to at any time. if you have Dropbox enabled you can even upload files to do with this customer too.

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