CSV Import

The CSV importer allows you to import your data from spreadsheet software into Tally.  This article explains some basic and fundamental information that you should be aware of before you import.  A quick couple of things you need to know:

  • Our CSV importer is sensitive to any special characters; all your data should be in standard 26 English language letters and only use very basic punctuation symbols.  You should avoid accented letters and special symbols entirely.
  • Your CSV files need to be saved in windows format.  This means if you are on a mac and editing in numbers you need to save the file by clicking ‘Export’ and then save the file as .CSV (Windows).

Accessing the Importer

You can get to the CSV Importer by clicking Settings > Import Data > CSV Importer.


Mapping is basically getting all your data in the correct columns and formatted correctly.  Most of the time this just involves copying and pasting the data you’ve got on your spread sheet at the minute into the appropriate template.  Some of our columns are required, and some are optional – the guidance for every import template will advise on what information must be included.  Formatting is also very important; the guidance will also explain how your data should be formatted and include examples too.  You’ll also be able to download the individual CSV templates by simply clicking the Download Template link.

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