Channel Grabber

Channel Grabber is an inventory and stock management software solution. It is a multi-channel ecommerce management software (including eBay, Amazon, and that keeps track of the inventory across all your web stores, lists all your sales channels so you can see them in one place, records all of your online orders and allows you to pick, pack and dispatch. When you update stock levels on any of your platforms, Channel Grabber updates this information everywhere you sell online. This lets you offer all of your stock in all of your web stores and manages the inventory levels for you. When you make a sale, it will be automatically recorded in Tally as invoices and attached to the right customer.

Setting Up

To integrate ChannelGrabber and Tally first enable the Tally API by logging into Tally and clicking Settings > API Settings > Tick the box for enable the API, untick restrict by IP address and click Update. Then, sign in with Channel Grabber’s Modules and enter your Tally username and password. Once this is set up you can really get started!

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