Aged Debtors

Aged Debtors report is used to view the amount of money that is owed to your company until a specific date.  It will display the current balance owed to you and also the historical balance over the last three months and beyond.  Access this report in Tools and Reports > General Reports > Aged Debtors.  The date field is the reporting date and will show the customer balances as of then:

  • Running from todays date will show the customers current outstanding balance that they owe you.
  • Running from a past date will show you the customers outstanding balance that they owed you as of that date.  This could have changed based on payments received since then.

Use the include a detailed breakdown tick box to see the exact invoice numbers and invoice dates that make up the customers balance.

When ready, click the Next button.

Understanding the report

The report generated will be made up of 7 columns:

  • Customer - this is the customer that has an outstanding balance.
  • Balance - the total amount of money this customer is due you.
  • Current - the amount of money that the customer is due you, but not overdue.
  • Prior month 1/2/3 - the amount of money the customer is due you from these periods.
  • Older - the amount of money the customer is due from more than three months ago.

The totals are displayed at the bottom.  You can print this report and also download it in a CSV format using the buttons at the top of the screen.


If you've noticed that your aged debtors report doesn't agree with overdue invoices then it's likely that there is an advanced payment on the customers account.  This is negated against any outstanding amount on the customers account.  You can view advanced payments on account by going to Customers > Selecting the Customer > Invoice Stats Etc > View the advanced payment section.

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