Advanced Configuration Options - Chart of Accounts

From the Chart of Accounts (accessed by going to Settings > Chart of Accounts) you can enable several advanced options.  Do this by clicking the Show advanced configuration options link at the bottom of the page.

  • Access to nominal codes – Ticking this option will show all your nominal codes in all areas of Tally.  For example, you can select a sales type nominal code (which is normally used in an invoice) as a purchase outgoing type on a receipt.  
  • Configure nominal codes – This allows you to set the nominal codes type from within the nominal settings rather than only on the Chart of Accounts page.  To avoid setting a nominal code incorrectly by accident this should normally be un-ticked.
  • Enable journal – Ticking this option will enable the journal area of Tally.  The journal area allows you to transfer an amount or balance of a nominal account to another.
  • Codes in lists – Ticking this option will show the nominal code number in lists as well as the name.  For example, instead of just ‘Sale of Goods’ showing in the list, it will be displayed as ‘4001 – Sale of goods’.

When you’ve made your changes click Update to save them.

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