Add an Item to a Quote

Use the items on this quote section to add or edit any line items.  If a new quote click the Add Item button, if it's an existing quote that has existing line items click the Add a new item to this quote button.

  • Sales type – this is the category of the sale and can be used with our products and quotes feature.  If this quote is converted to an invoice, this will stay the same and the line item will form part of your accounts with this sales type.
  • Qty – this is the amount of this line item you are quoting for.
  • Description – this is the line item description for what you are quoting and will appear on the quote and invoice if later converted.
  • Rate – this is the price of your line item excluding VAT.

If you’re VAT registered you’ll have VAT options:

  • The VAT rate is the percentage of VAT to add to this item.
  • The VAT amount is the total amount of VAT to add to this line.  Your VAT amount is your quantity, multiplied by your rate, multiplied by your VAT rate.
  • You can change the VAT amount by simply clicking in the box and typing in another amount.
  • You can do the automatic calculation again by clicking on the calculator icon.
  • The Total is the net rate, multiplied by the quantity, plus your VAT amount.

To add more items to the quote, just tick the box and click the Add Item.

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