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Watch our Basic and Advanced Tours to give you a good feel for the software. If you have a specific issue then we have 28 other videos below covering all areas of the software – just browse the videos available by category.

Chart of Accounts & Imports

Videos to help you create a ledger and import data from your old accounting package if required.

Tally - Chart of Accounts

Tally - CSV Importer

Sales & Customers

Videos to guide you through the various stages of setting up and working with customers and creating and issuing quotes and invoices. Credit control procedures are also covered.

Tally - Customers & Suppliers

Tally - Creating Invoice Templates

Tally - Quotes

Tally - Creating Invoices

Tally - Credit Control

Tally - Projects

Purchases & Suppliers

Videos to guide you through the set up and management of suppliers and recording purchases.

Tally - Customers & Suppliers

Tally - Managing Purchase Codes

Tally - Creating & Managing Purchase Invoices


Videos to help you manage your bank accounts.

Tally - Creating Bank Accounts

Tally - Creating New Bank Codes

Tally - Entering Bank Transactions

Tally - Setting Up Bank Feeds

Tally - Creating Bank Feed Custom Rules

Tally - Using The Bank Feed Matching Screen

Tally - Bank Reconciliation


Videos to help you manage your stock.

Tally - Enabling Stock Features

Tally - Creating Stock Records

Tally - Purchasing Stock & Receiving Goods

Tally - Selling Stock & Stock Levels

Corporation Tax

A short video to guide you through how to record your corporation tax charge and payment.

Tally - Corporation Tax


A video guide on how to work with the VAT functionality in Tally Accounts.

Tally - VAT Settings


A range of other videos covering topics such as working under the CIS regime, how to record dividends and tracking and recording mileage and expenses.

Tally - CIS

Tally - Recording Dividends

Tally - Recording Mileage

Tally - Managing Expenses

Hints and Tips

Hints, Tips & FAQ

Click on the Hints,Tips and FAQ on the support menu above.

Knowledge Base Articles

Add Ons - Apps

Time & Projects


ProWorkflow is a web-based project management software with strengths in recording tasks and time tracking. It allows you to automate processes, manage projects, tasks and time tracking. It also ... Read More

Freedom Workflow

Freedom Workflow is a cloud-based project management platform that allows you to manage all your tasks, keep track of how long each project takes, keep tabs on team correspondence, and set multi-user ... Read More


Connect2Field is Job Management and Scheduling software for field service businesses. It can integrate with Tally and from Connect2Field you can transfer Clients and Invoices to Tally... Read More


Paymo is a service that lets you track time spent on a project and bill your clients accordingly... Read More


Tally now integrates with FreshBooks so you can easily copy across invoices payments and customer details from FreshBooks into your Tally account.  There are a number of reasons you may want to ... Read More

Receipt Processors


Keebo saves time dealing with receipts and expense documents. Send them in by freepost, email, fax or mobile and they do all the hard work. They scan and extract all the data and publish it ... Read More

Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank is a service that converts your receipts into data you can use. Receipt Bank gathers your receipts and invoices, scans them and processes them and then pushes them into your Tally account... Read More


Spendgate is a simple, easy to use online application that you can connect to Tally and can manage your accounts payable, approve and track them online, track actions – generally organise your ... Read More


Pay Escape

PayEscape is a cost effective online payroll processing service for companies based in the UK. They provide a fully managed payroll service... Read More


i-Pay is a fully managed payroll service.  To set up the I-Pay and Tally integration just follow this one-time setup guide... Read More

The Payroll Site

To set up The Payroll Site and Tally intigration just follow these quick steps... Read More

12 Pay

12 Pay is a payroll add-on. To get started just follow these steps... Read More


Worldpay Installation ID

In Settings -> Card Options you can integrate your Tally account with a payment processor for taking card payments... Read More

Worldpay 3D Security

If you are using any of our integrated card processors to take card payments within Tally – over the phone for example – then you wouldn't want 3D Secure enabled. These are ... Read More

WHMCS Troubleshooting

There have been a few queries regarding the WHMCS add-on module... Read More

Via Post

Although Tally makes it very easy to send out invoices using email some customers insist on receiving a hard copy in the post. Other documents, such as reminder letters, are often more effective when ... Read More


Signable lets you get documents including service contracts, letters of engagement, tenancy agreements and contracts signed electronically and sent via Signable, saving you time, effort and money... Read More


Dropbox is a free service that allows you to store all different kinds of files online, meaning you can access them anywhere and on nearly any device that has an internet connection (including ... Read More

Carry The One

CarryTheOne is a software package that allows you to integrate Tally with several shopping cart systems including... Read More


Bilbus connects businesses to lenders and help you finance and manage working capital and cash flow. Users of Tally are able to export their information into Bilbus and start tracking collections and ... Read More

Email Marketing

Mail Chimp

The MailChimp integration allows you to draw customers from your Tally account and import it into MailChimp i.e. First name, Last name and most importantly their email address. Once you have ... Read More


Merchant Accounts

Merchant accounts are accounts set up by a payment processor that hold payments you've received until you withdraw them. This guidance advises on how to set up a merchant account and record sales ... Read More

Open Mind Commerce

Open Mind Commerce is an online e-commerce platform. To get set up just follow these instructions... Read More


FreeWebStore is an online e-commerce platform. To get set up just follow these instructions... Read More

EKM Powershop

EKM Powershop is a service that lets you sell your products through your very own eCommerce web store. Using our integration, you can set EKM to automatically import all your sales and customer ... Read More


Tally and EasywebStore integrate seamlessly, meaning you can run your own online store selling products via EasywebStore and have Tally handle the accounting side for you... Read More

Channel Grabber

Channel Grabber is an inventory and stock management software solution. It is a multi-channel ecommerce management software (including eBay, Amazon, and that keeps track of the inventory ... Read More


If you sell via Amazon then you'll find they usually retain all of the money for your sales and then send you a payment to settle what you are owed for those sales, less Amazons fees and ... Read More


Really Simple Systems

The Really Simple Systems Tally interface allows CRM users to see real-time Tally customers’ account information, to create and amend Tally customer data from the CRM system, to click through ... Read More


WeCanDoBiz combines Customer Relationship Management with online profiles to ensure your customer’s records are never out of date by bringing together all your Tally, customer database, email ... Read More

InTouch CRM

InTouch CRM is a customer relationship management tool, just follow this quick step-by-step guide to integrate with Tally... Read More

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is something called Customer Relationship Management software; it allows you to centrally manage all your customer relationships, contacts and interactions, your sales pipeline, and so ... Read More



Enabling the API

The API allows Tally and a third party program to talk to each other and exchange data. You'll need to enable the API if you want to use any of our add-ons, integrations or the iPhone app. For ... Read More

API Troubleshooting

This page contains some common troubleshooting of the API.  ... Read More



Repeat Bank Transactions

If you have transactions that occur on a regular repeating basis then you can configure Tally to automatically create these on the appropriate date... Read More

Transactions - Modifying a Transaction

To modify a transaction just click Bank > View/Add Transactions button > Click on a transaction > Change any details > Click Update. If you select a payment that is associated to an ... Read More

Transactions - Deleting a Transaction

To delete a transaction just click Bank > View/Add Transactions button > Click on a transaction > Click Delete button. Please be aware that deleting a transaction that has been ... Read More

Transactions - Assigning to Invoices / Purchases

If you have recorded a payment coming into your bank prior to an invoice being raised you can later associate it to an invoice/receipt by going to Bank > View/Add Transactions > Selecting the ... Read More

Credit Cards

This guidance explains how to manage a credit card in Tally. A credit card should be treated as a bank account and always have a negative balance. The negative balance represents the debt that the ... Read More


When recording a payment in Tally, the payment date will be the date that appears against the transaction in the bank area including on your reconciliations. For most payments this is fine, ... Read More

Bank Transfers

It's really simple to create a Bank Transfer in Tally. You first go to Bank then hit one of the two buttons named Transfer Money Between Accounts. You will then be presented with a page where... Read More

Bank Loans

You can record a loan by creating a new bank account in Tally, this will always have a negative balance until the loan is paid off and represents the debt you owe... Read More

Add New Bank Account

This article describes how to create a new bank account in Tally... Read More

Bank Reconciliation

Reconciliation Troubleshooting - Transactions Modified

If you get an error on a bank reconciliation advising that you that transactions have been edited or modified use the guidance below to correct this... Read More

Reconciliation Troubleshooting - Start or Reconcile Date Changed

If you get an error on a bank reconciliation advising that your start or reconcile date has changed, this means that the start/reconcile date in the bank account settings has been changed. Use the ... Read More

Reconciliation Troubleshooting - Start Date Incorrect

Your reconciliation start date is based upon one of the following... Read More

Reconciliation Troubleshooting - Missing Transactions

This guidance advises on the causes and steps to take when your bank reconciliation is missing transactions. If when reconciling you find that there is transactions missing there are two principle ... Read More

Reconciliation Settings

This guidance advises on the two most important reconciliation settings in Tally... Read More

Prevent Duplicate Receipts

You can prevent the system from allowing you to enter a purchase that has the same Suppliers Reference number as a previous purchase from that supplier. Essentially, this should stop you accidentally ... Read More

Prepayments & Accruals

Prepayments deal with accounting for expenditure that covers multiple accounting periods. For example you may pay £12,000 for rent in January to cover the whole year. You'd want this to show... Read More

Petty Cash

If you have a Petty Cash float then we advise managing it using a new bank account in Tally. Just follow the guidance below to get started... Read More

Performing Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation is the process of matching transactions you've got recorded in Tally to what you've got in the bank. Bank reconciliation is important as it double checks that your accounts... Read More

Editing a Bank Reconciliation

Tally does allow you to change a reconciliation, however please note that editing a reconciliation should only be required in exceptional circumstances. If you've modified a transaction that has ... Read More

Displaying Previous Bank Reconciliations

To view previous reconciliation's just click Bank > Click the Reconcile button next to the account you wish to view the reconciliations for > Click the Previous Reconciliations button in the... Read More

Changing Bank Reconciliation Style

If you are currently using our old style bank reconciliation then you might fancy an update to our new style which makes reconciling clearer and more efficient. If you do then there are a few steps ... Read More


Multi-Currency Bank Accounts

In Tally you can raise quotes, invoices, receipts in currencies other than your home currency, this can be enabled in Settings > Currencies.  However Tally cannot handle payments in any other ... Read More


Dividends are payments to the company’s shareholders out of the company’s profits... Read More

Directors Loan

If you lend money to the company, or pay for items on behalf of the company then you will want to manage a Directors Loan account... Read More

Corporation Tax

When you set up in business via a limited company, your annual profits will be subject to corporation tax... Read More

Bank Balance Does Not Match Reports

You may find that when you look at a Balance Sheet or Trial Balance report, the balance shown for your bank account(s) doesn’t match the balance shown for the account elsewhere in Tally (such as... Read More

Card Payments & Direct Debits

Telephone Payments

Realex Integration Payments Not Processing

If you are setting up your account to take card payments through realex then you first need to ensure that you have added our IP addresses to the list of allowed IP Addresses on your account... Read More

Telephone Payments - Using PayPal Pro

You can use PayPal Pro/Merchant Account to accept payments over the telephone although the process is slightly different.  Please note that this will not work with a regular PayPal account.  ... Read More

Telephone Payments - Step 1 - Setting Up Telephone Payments

A great Tally feature is the ability to take card payments instantly over the phone or if you've collected them manually enter them into Tally and get paid instantly.  When the payment is ... Read More

Telephone Payments - Step 2 - Setting Up Card Processor

The next steps will enable the payment processor.  To access these, click Settings > Card Options... Read More

Telephone Payments - Step 3 - Taking Payments Via Telephone

To take a card payment via telephone just follow the guidance below... Read More

Pay Online Button On Invoices

PayPal Pay Online Button

If you have a PayPal account you can include a PayPal button on your invoices.  When your customers click this button they are taken to a PayPal page with your details and the invoice amount ... Read More

Pay Online Button - Step 1 - Setting Up Pay Online

One of the best things about Tally is the ability to e-mail invoices to your customers with a Pay Online button that allows them to pay you instantly.  When the payment is made it will be ... Read More

Pay Online Button - Step 2 - Setting Up Card Processor

The next steps will enable the payment processor.  To access these, click Settings > Card Options... Read More

Pay Online Button - Step 3 - Adding Pay Online Button

To setup the button that will appear on your invoices, just follow the guidance below... Read More

Troubleshooting Card Payments

Some of the most common troubleshooting queries and solutions are listed below... Read More

Configuring Sage Pay

In Settings -> Card Options  you can select a payment processor for handling card payments.  To use SagePay with your Tally account, you will need to add the address of our server to your... Read More

Direct Debit

GoCardless Troubleshooting - Non - JSON Response

This article describes an error when attempting to collect payment via GoCardless labelled Non-JSON Response Received... Read More

Direct Debits - Step 1 - Setting Up GoCardless

The first step in accepting direct debit payments in Tally is to set up GoCardless.  GoCardless are a payment processor that collects funds via direct debit from your customers bank account on ... Read More

Direct Debits - Step 2 - Setting Up Direct Debit Mandate

A direct debit mandate request is something you send to your customers for them to authorise you to collect a set maximum amount from their bank account on request.  This will be an e-mail with a... Read More

Direct Debits - Step 3 - Collecting Payments

This article describes how to collect payments via direct debit.  You will need to have GoCardless set up and a direct debit mandate set up for the customer... Read More



Early Payment Discount

An early payment discount is a discount that you can give to your customers for paying before the invoice due date. This guidance advises on apply to how apply this... Read More

Customer Discounts

If you have a customer that receives a discount then you can set Tally to apply the discount for you. Discounts can be either manual or automatic, you can set these up by going to Settings > ... Read More


Importing vCards

A vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards that are often attached to email messages and may contain name and address information, phone numbers, email addresses etc... Read More

Custom Customer Fields

You can create up to 20 text fields and 20 checkboxes for your customer records and call them anything you like. This could be for storing their birthday, or whether or not a catalogue has been sent ... Read More

Calling Customer via Skype

You can call a customer directly from Tally via Skype. To set this up go to Settings > Custom Customer Fields and create a new text field called 'Skype ID' or similar (anything containing ... Read More

Archive a Customer

You can archive a customer by going to Customer > Selecting the Customer > Options tab > Ticking Archive > Click Update. This option allows you to hide this customer from your drop down ... Read More


Customer Details

The customer details screen is where you import all information about this customer. To access it, click Customers > Select a customer. To make it easily accessible you’ve got a ... Read More

Add a New Customer

To add a new customer, first click Customers from the main menu bar then simply click the button at the top labelled Add a new customer. On the next screen, fill in the customer’s name. A ... Read More


Customer Statements

You can instantly create a customer statement in Tally in just a couple of clicks. Just go to Customers > Select the Customer > Click the Statement button. You can then use the options on the ... Read More


Sending Emails

Sending Email to Multiple Recipients

To send an e-mail to more than one person in Tally, when in an e-mail screen use a semi-colon (;) and a space to separate the two addresses in the to field.  For example... Read More

Recording Emails

Recording Emails Using BCC

A good way of keeping a record of all emails you sent is to have them sent via BCC to your own inbox. This way you can confirm that an email has definitely been sent, to what email address and at what... Read More

Recording Emails Using Notes

Any document emailed in Tally is recorded as a note at the bottom of the page, this contains the date that the document was sent and also the send-to email address... Read More

Recording Emails Using Email Sent Icon

To view sent invoices at a glance you can use the emailed sent icon. This will display an icon to the left of an invoice in the invoice list accessible by clicking the Sales button. For example: ... Read More

Email Templates

Email HTML & Images

Tally allows for HTML to be used in e-mail.  HTML is a web programming language that allows you to create rich e-mails that contain images, advanced formatting, tables and more... Read More

Text Substitutions

Tally supports dynamic text substitutions in both the e-mail body and on the invoice itself via the footer or additional text box.  When e-mailing an invoice in Sales > Selecting an Invoice &... Read More

Email Templates

If you e-mail through Tally often, you might find it easier to use e-mail templates.  E-mail templates allow you to pick from a standard set of templates and can also include HTML and text ... Read More


Tips & Tricks

Sage Codes

If you were once a Sage user and have become accustomed to their VAT terminology, this article will explain how they would relate to Tally... Read More

Overview Page

Overview Page - Money Owed / Money You Owe

This help article advises on how the Money Owed and Money You Owe figures on the overview page are calculated... Read More

Overview Page - Graphs

The graphs and charts on the overview page allow you to have an at-a-glance view of your current financial standing... Read More

Tally FAQ

Multi-User Access

You can have multiple users logged in to the one account at the same time from different locations (or even from the same location). However they would need to use the same username and password as ... Read More

Merging Customers & Merging Suppliers

If you have two customers with the same details possibly duplicated and to which you have invoices applied to each, you can merge the customers by updating the customer name on the invoices. Therefore... Read More

Maximum Characters Limits

Tally contains some character limits within certain fields. This guidance advises on these limits and potential workarounds if available... Read More

Decimal Places & Rounding

Currently Tally is only configured to accommodate two decimal places on invoices, receipts and bank transactions... Read More

Changing From Sole Trader to Limited Company

When your company changes for Sole trader to a limited company or vice versa, we recommend that you open a new Tally account for your limited company to keep everything separate. Then you can export ... Read More

Cash & Retail

If you mainly deal with cash sales in a retail environment you will usually have a high volume of sales at a lower value making entering these as individual sales a long task. To solve this, we have a... Read More

Automatic Log Out

Tally will automatically log you out for security purposes after an hour of inactivity in the same way you would if you were logged in to online banking. At the moment it's not possible to ... Read More

Tally Basics

Logging Into Tally

You can log into Tally by visiting our website and entering your details into the relevant login box.  ... Read More

Searching Tally

You can search all the data in your Tally account using the global search facility. When logged into Tally, click the magnifying glass at the top right of the black bar along the top of the screen, ... Read More

International Tally User Setup

Your Tally account can be configured for US/international taxes and currency by default, it just takes a few minutes... Read More

VAT, EC & International Customers

If you are a VAT registered business, it’s important to record details of the customers VAT number if they have one and if they are based in another EC country or outside the EC entirely. To ... Read More

Transactions - Adding a Transaction

There might be circumstances where you need to record money going in or out of your bank that isn't associated to a purchase or receipt, examples of these could include bank interest or bank ... Read More

Transaction Locking

Transaction locking will prevent any changes or deletions to bank transactions prior to a certain date and is something we highly recommend you enable after you have completed a reconciliation and VAT... Read More

Customers Screen

The Customers screen is where you can see a list of all your existing customers and add new ones too, you can get there by clicking Customers from the main menu bar. The list shows you four ... Read More

Adding a Note to Quotes, Invoices & Purchases

You may find sometimes when creating a quote, invoice, or recording a purchase that you need a specific note on the document to send to the Customer/Supplier. An example of this would be maybe sending... Read More

Add a New Customer

To add a new customer, first click Customers from the main menu bar then simply click the button at the top labelled Add a new customer. On the next screen, fill in the customer’s name. A ... Read More


CSV Import

Import Purchase Receipt Payments CSV

Once you’ve imported your purchase receipts you’ll need to record the payments made against them – the guidance below contains the required and optional fields and describes how they... Read More

Import Products & Stock CSV

To import your products into Tally just map your spreadsheet according to the guidance below, making sure to include the required columns and to format them correctly... Read More

Import Nominal Codes CSV

If you’re an existing business moving over to Tally its important to use the codes you’ve previously been using and then define the balances of these codes.  We’ve already got a... Read More

Import Ledgers CSV

You can import your Trail Balance and Nominal Ledger directly into Tally by CSV spreadsheet.  To do that, click Settings > Import Data and then Import Ledgers – make sure to follow this ... Read More

Import Journals CSV

Our CSV will even let you import all your journals too.  Just map your spreadsheet to be like our template and make sure you include all the required columns below.  The journal must balance... Read More

Import Invoices CSV

To import your invoices to Tally just copy across your data to our spread sheet making sure that you meet all the requirements listed below.  Something to note is that the customer must already ... Read More

Import Invoice Payments CSV

You can import invoice payments using out CSV Importer.  This guidance below contains the required and optional fields and describes how they should be formatted.  The invoices must ... Read More

Import Data

Tally allows you to import your data in numerous ways and can be accessed by going to Settings > Import Data.   ... Read More

Import Customers CSV

Before you import invoices or invoice payments, your customers have to be set up in Tally... Read More

Import Bank Transactions CSV

To import your bank transactions into Tally just map your spreadsheet according to the guidance below, making sure to include the required columns and to format them correctly... Read More

Import Suppliers CSV

Before you import any purchases you need to have your suppliers set up. You’ll be happy to hear that this is quick and easy.  Just follow the guidance below when creating your CSV spread ... Read More

Import Purchase Receipts CSV

To import your purchases to Tally just copy across your data to our spreadsheet making sure that you meet all the requirements listed below.  Something to note is that the customer must already ... Read More

Troubleshooting CSV Importer - CSV Files Scrambled

If your CSV files aren’t being downloaded properly and are displaying all the information scrambled together or lots of special symbols (or both!) then chances are your spreadsheet program has ... Read More

Troubleshooting CSV Importer - Common Mistakes

Some of the most common mistakes that result in errors when importing or failed imports entirely are listed below... Read More

Troubleshooting CSV Importer - Apple Macs

Our servers are windows based, this means that your CSV file needs to be saved as a CSV (Windows) format.  By default on Macs when you save your file as CSV is saves as CSV (Macintosh).  To ... Read More

CSV Import

The CSV importer allows you to import your data from spreadsheet software into Tally.  This article explains some basic and fundamental information that you should be aware of before you import... Read More

SAGE Import

Sage Importer Troubleshooting

If you are having problems with the Sage to Tally migration wizard the following should help.  When sending support tickets about the Sage to Tally migration wizard please can you send the "... Read More

Quickbooks Import

Quickbooks Importer

If you’re moving to Tally from QuickBooks you’ll be happy to hear that you can import your customer and supplier data all in one go quickly and easily, just follow this quick step-by-step ... Read More


Standard Journals

Wages Journal

The simplest way to deal with Payroll entries is to use an integrated product that does it all for you. This guidance explains how to insert a wages journal manually, this will require some ... Read More

Opening Balance Journal

The following instructions will assist you in entering opening balances both manually using a journal entry, and by automatically importing a CSV file... Read More

Fuel Scale Charge Journal

Tally doesn't yet have the facility to accommodate fuel scale charges automatically. Instead, you will need to create a manual journal entry for this... Read More

VAT Adjustment Journal

There will be times when you may need to change the VAT liability on a VAT return but again you may not need to enter a transaction such as an invoice, receipt or a bank transaction. This can be done ... Read More


Journal Template

This guidance advises on how to create a journal template. Journal templates let you create a journal with a predefined list of nominal codes already created, allowing you to quickly and simply just ... Read More

Introduction to Journals

A journal is a standard accountancy term for a record that is used to move money from one nominal code (account) to another. This guidance gives information on what the journal does and how it is... Read More

Enable the Journal

The journal is disabled by default in Tally. You can easily enable the journal by going to Settings > Chart Of Accounts > Show advanced configuration options... > Enable Journal > Update.&... Read More

Reversing a Journal

From time to time you may need to create a reversal journal entry for a journal that you have created within your Tally account. A journal reversal cancels out the original journal. Rather than ... Read More

Description Not Showing on a Journal

You may find sometimes find that when you are using one of the more recent versions of Internet explorer that you have an issue with fields that should contain data, but showing blank. In Tally, ... Read More

Logos, Backgrounds & Themes


Document Troubleshooting - URL Showing

If you are using Mozilla FireFox you may notice that when you print out an invoice for example, that you get a URL on the top of the page, also a time stamp and date at the bottom of the page.  ... Read More

Document Troubleshooting - Font Size Increased

When switching to our new PDF generator you may notice that the font size has increased.  To fix this, just follow the steps below... Read More

Document Troubleshooting - Documents Appear Scaled

Tally uses HTML to generate your PDF documents.  This allows for great flexibility although can result in an anomaly if you've got extra spaces in your additional text box, this can result in... Read More

Document Troubleshooting - Logo Too Big

To allow you greater flexibility our PDF generator will not scale your logo to fit any space automatically. This means that if you upload a large logo it won't be scaled down and will result in ... Read More

Documents & Themes

Document Customisation - PDF Themes

Tally allows you to customise nearly every element of your documents.  You can include a logo, a background image, change the font colour and more.  Documents refer to Invoices, Quotes, ... Read More

Document Customisation - Logo, Background & Text

This guidance will talk you how to quickly customize your documents and assumes that you’re using the clean theme... Read More

Document Customisation - Alpha Numeric Invoice Number

Invoice numbers in Tally can only be numeric, however we have developed a workaround to simulate alpha-numeric invoice numbers and record them as such in Tally.  This workaround involves using ... Read More

Document Customisation - Additional Pages

Using the PDF Themes feature of Tally you can add additional pages to your documents, to do that just follow the steps below... Read More

Document Customisation - Delivery Address on Invoices

We have now introduced the ability to show the customer delivery address on Invoices via our PDF themes functionality.  This feature is only available on new themes and requires a modification to... Read More

My Account & Subscription

Username, Password & Memorable Word

Forgot Username, Password or Memorable Word

This article explains what to do if you've forgotten any of your login details... Read More

Changing Username, Password or Memorable Word

This article explains how to change your user details when logged into Tally... Read More

My Subscriptions & Payments

If I Cancel or Forget to Pay, Will My Data be Deleted?

Your data will be perfectly safe - we don't delete anything for a period of 6 months, meaning you can log back in and re-subscribe at any point before that time and access your data just as you ... Read More

Cancel a Tally Trial

If you wish to cancel/close a Tally trial account we simply recommend that you delete all of your data in Settings > Delete Data and leave it as your subscription will automatically expire at the ... Read More

Cancel a Tally Subscription

You can cancel your Tally subscription at any time by emailing your Tally account manager.  You will need to agree with your Tally manager what date you want the subscription to cease (we can ... Read More



PayPal Troubleshooting - Timeout

This guidance advises on what to do if you get the error PayPal connection timed out or login failed when importing PayPal Transactions... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Security Header Not Valid

This guidance advises on what to do if you get the error 10002 - Security Header is Not Valid when taking payments via PayPal... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Line Items

This guidance advises on the PayPal Importer and your line items on your PayPal transactions... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Extra Shipping Charge When Customers Pay

When using Paypal Pro as your chosen payment processor, you may find that when your clients are taken to the payment page, an additional shipping charge has been added automatically.  This is ... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Deleted Transactions

If you have deleted PayPal transactions either in the staging area or that have already been imported then you will need to re-import these... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Backdating

When you set up PayPal you're asked to set a start date for when you would like to start importing transactions from.  As you import, this date changes based on the date and time of the last ... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Awaiting Authorisation of Email Address

This guidance advises on what to do if you get the error PayPal connection timed out or login failed when importing PayPal Transactions... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Wire Transfers

This guidance advises on what to do if you notice that our PayPal Importer isn't recording your PayPal Wire Transfers... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Updated Settings

It's important to note that if you update your PayPal Settings in Settings > PayPal Imports > Pen & Paper Icon this will not retrospectively apply to transactions already imported into ... Read More

PayPal Troubleshooting - Transaction Locking

If when attempting to import you get a message that Tally cannot create your invoices, purchases or bank transactions due to transaction locking - this means that you are attempting to import ... Read More

Paypal Importer

PayPal Importer - Step 1 - Setting Up PayPal

This guidance explains how to enable the required third party permissions required for using the Tally PayPal importer.  Please note that granting these permissions doesn't give Tally access ... Read More

PayPal Importer - Step 2 - Setting Up Tally

This guidance advises on how to set up Tally and the PayPal importer.  Please note that for this to be successful you must have enabled third party permissions as described in Step 1 of this ... Read More

PayPal Importer - Step 3 - Using The Importer

This guidance explains how to use the Tally PayPal importer, in this section we will walk you through how to access the importer, view and select transactions in the staging area and import them into ... Read More

Paypal FAQ

Multi-Currency & PayPal

We currently do not offer multiple currency bank accounts, therefore in order to import transactions from Paypal any currencies other than your home currency (managed via Settings > Company Details... Read More

PayPal Staging Area

The PayPal Staging Area is the part of Tally where your imported PayPal transactions appear for you to review before your bring them into Tally.  Access this from the Overview page and scroll ... Read More



Projects On Line Items

By default, when projects is enabled it allows you to attach entire invoices and purchases to a project.  This guidance advises on how to instead attach individual line items to a project... Read More

Project Settings

Project Settings allow you to determine how Projects in Tally should work.  This guidance elaborates on each setting and its function.  Access these settings by going to Settings > ... Read More


Projects Introduction

The Projects feature of Tally allows you to group certain income and expenditure together, allowing you to assess how profitable or expensive a certain part of your business is.  This is useful ... Read More

Create Project

If you want to separate your costs and expenditure into Projects, you can do.  You can also rename Projects to something more appropriate - perhaps "Departments" Go to Settings -> ... Read More

Assigning Projects

This guidance advises on how to assign a transaction to a Project.  Please note that the project must first be created within Tally... Read More

Purchases & Receipts

Repeat Purchases

Repeat Purchases

Do you make a payment every week/month/year (etc.) to the same supplier?  Setting up a Repeat Purchase may be the right function for you... Read More

Refunds & Credit Notes

Unpaid Purchase

You may sometimes find yourself in a situation where you will not be paying the remainder of a purchase or a whole purchase.  You will need to write this off as bad debt so that it is still ... Read More

Supplier Refund - Full Payment Returned

You may find yourself in a situation where you are issued a refund from a supplier and you need to record this in Tally.  To do this you need to create a credit note... Read More

Supplier Refund - Part Payment Returned

You may find yourself in a situation where you are issued a refund from a supplier for part of a supplier receipt and you need to record this in Tally.  This is usually caused by part of the ... Read More

Supplier Overpayment

It is possible in some cases that your purchases are overpaid, this is maybe caused by an admin error on the supplier side.  This means you cannot just mark the purchase as paid and you need to ... Read More

Supplier Early Payment Discount

If your suppliers offer an early payment discount you can easily account for it in Tally.  Firstly you need to set up an Outgoing type called ‘Early payment discount’.  Do this ... Read More


Payment Receipts & Remittance Advice

This guidance provides information on how to view, print and send a payment receipt/remittance advice for a customer... Read More

Emailing Payment Receipts

To e-mail remittance advice (payment receipts) just go to Sales > Select the Invoice > Scroll down to the bottom and under the payment details section click the envelope icon.  You'll ... Read More

Recording Purchase Payments

This guidance advises on how to apply a payment to an existing purchase.  You will first need to select the purchase you want pay off by clicking Purchases and then select your purchase form the ... Read More

Recording Bulk Payment on Purchases

You may find sometimes that you send a payment for multiple receipts to a supplier; this can be recorded as one payment to save you having to pay each one manually... Read More


Expenses Paid with Personal Money

Sometimes yourself or an employee might spend personal money while on official business and this might be reclaimable as a business expense.  In this case we suggest that you create a new bank ... Read More

Correct Wrongly Claimed Expenses

In the case where you have to reimburse wrongly claimed expenses that had been recorded as outgoings in the form of purchases from a company card and had already been marked as paid within Tally, then... Read More


Outgoing Types

You can view existing Outgoing Types by going to Settings > Chart of Accounts or Purchases > Outgoing Types.  Outgoing types can be thought of categories of expenditure.  An outgoing ... Read More

Purchase Orders

In order to create a Purchase Order within Tally, first this feature needs to be enabled.  This can be enabled in Settings> Purchase Order Options, then tick Enabled.  This will then turn... Read More

Emailing Purchase Orders

Before e-mailing a purchase order you will need to have them enabled; to do that just click Settings > Purchase Order Options > Tick the box for Enabled and click Update.  To e-mail a ... Read More

Recording Fuel Charges

In order to record the fuel charges, you can create a general Supplier called – Fuel.  You can do that by going to Suppliers > Add a New Supplier.  This will save you time to enter ... Read More

Creating a Purchase Receipt

Any purchases you make will need to be recorded in Tally, this is done by creating a purchase receipt - in other software this may be known as a purchase invoice.  Create a new receipt by going ... Read More


Hire Purchase

Dealing with Hire Purchase in Tally is simple.  Firstly raise the initial invoice for the total.  If you pay for the item by Direct Debit or on a fixed day each month you know when each ... Read More

Quotes, Proformas & Estimates


Quote Settings

This guidance explains what each of the quote settings do, access these by going to Settings > Quote Settings... Read More

Renaming Quotes, Proformas & Estimates

By default Quotes are enabled in Tally.  You can rename quotes by going to Settings > Quote Settings.  If you've already renamed quotes then this will appear with the updated name, i.... Read More


Printing & Downloading a Quote

To print or download a quote, go to Quotes > Select the Quote > Print Quote.  The quote is displayed in a preview at the bottom of the page... Read More

Emailing Quotes

To e-mail a quote to your customer just go to Quotes > Select the Quote > Click the E-Mail Quote button.  You'll then be prompted to enter in the customers e-mail address (this ... Read More

Emailing Customer Statements

Customer statements can be e-mailed by going to Customers > Selecting the Customer > Click the Invoices Stats Etc tab > Click Statement of Account button.  On the next screen Click the E... Read More

Create a New Quote

To create a new quote go to Quotes > Add Quote.  You’ll then be prompted to enter in customer details, quote details and line item details.  This is the same process that you follow... Read More

Converting a Quote to an Invoice

If a customer goes ahead with a quote (if you use quotes as proformas and they pay) then you can easily convert a quote to an invoice.  All line item sales type, amounts, VAT rates and ... Read More

Add an Item to a Quote

Use the items on this quote section to add or edit any line items.  If a new quote click the Add Item button, if it's an existing quote that has existing line items click the Add a new item ... Read More


Colour Flags

Want to give your Quotes overview page a little TLC?  Check out the colourful flag function – great for organizing your long list of potential sales!  Enabling Quote Flags will allow ... Read More

Sales & Invoices

Stock Management & Control

Stock Management & Control - Step 1 - Basics

You can use Tally to manage the stock levels of your products, as well as automatically increase and decrease the amount of available stock as you buy and sell more of it.  To enable stock ... Read More

Stock Management & Control - Step 2 - Linking

You can link Sales Types and Outgoing Types, as well as Products and Sub-Outgoing Types.  By linking these, Tally can automatically increase and decrease stock levels when you buy or sell stock... Read More

Stock Management & Control - Step 3 - Purchasing

Now that you’ve linked your stock, when you sell your item the available stock will decreased by the quantity that you enter.  The same process can apply in reverse to Purchases that you ... Read More

Stock Management & Control - Step 4 - Reporting

There are several options in Tally to monitor income from stock you sell, expenditure on stock you purchase, and an overall valuation of the stock you hold... Read More

Sales Types, Products & Pricing


Products are used in Sales Types (which can be thought of as categories of products).  Unlike Sales Types, however, they can’t be set to have any individual self-assessment settings or ... Read More

Wholesale Pricing

Wholesale pricing allows you to set a secondary price up for certain sales types or products and use that price for certain customers only.  Please note, wholesale pricing in Tally is not related... Read More

Repeat Billing

Disabling a Repeat Invoice

You can disable a repeat invoice and prevent another from being created go to Sales > Repeat Billing > Select the repeat invoice > Change the Settings to be ‘Disabled Don’t Create... Read More

Copying a Repeat Invoice

If you have a lot of customers that you would like to create a repeat invoice for and have an existing repeat invoice that is similar or identical you can use the Copy function to copy it and then ... Read More

Adding New Repeat Billing Invoice

Repeat billing allows you to set up Tally to automatically create an invoice at a set date, at a set interval for a set amount of times or duration.  You also configure Tally to automatically e-... Read More

Refunds & Credit Notes

Refunds & Credit Note Bank Account

The way Tally applies a credit note to an invoice requires two payments to be created.  If you use the button provided to apply a credit note to an invoice then the payments are automatically ... Read More

Refund Part Payment - Leaving the Invoice as Part Paid

This guidance shows you how to refund a partial-payment against an invoice but leave the invoice as unpaid, this might be used if a cheque bounces or a customer does a chargeback on their card... Read More

Refund Part Payment - Leaving the Invoice as Paid

This guidance shows you how to refund a payment against an invoice but leave the invoice as paid.  This can be used if the customer cancels their order entirely with you and would like their ... Read More

Refund Overpayment - Leaving the Invoice as Fully Paid

If a customer has paid you too much you can quickly and easily refund the overpayment in Tally... Read More

Refund Full Payment - Leaving the Invoice as Unpaid

This guidance shows you how to refund a payment against an invoice but leave the invoice as unpaid, this might be used if a cheque bounces or a customer does a chargeback on their card... Read More

Refund Full Payment - Leaving the Invoice as Paid

This guidance shows you how to refund a payment against an invoice but leave the invoice as paid.  This can be used if the customer cancels their order entirely with you and would like their ... Read More

Credit Note for Unpaid Invoice

This guidance advises on how to create a credit note for an unpaid invoice.  This can be used if a customer cancels their order with you before paying.  Because you have issued the invoice ... Read More

Credit Note for Part Paid Invoices

This guidance shows you how to create a credit note for a part paid invoice, meaning that you can write off the remaining amount of the original invoice.  This can be used if you issue the ... Read More

Credit Note for a Fully Paid Invoice

This guidance shows you how to create a credit note for a fully paid invoice, this can be used if your customer returns something to you but you don’t provide refunds for example.  This ... Read More


Payment Terms

Payment terms are the length of time that a customer has to pay your invoices.  This number, in days, is the length of time after the invoice date or month end the payment needs to be paid by. &... Read More

Recording Payments

This guidance advises on how to record payments on your invoices in Tally... Read More

Recording Bulk Payment on Sales

You may find sometimes that you have received payment for multiple invoices from a customer; this can be recorded as one payment to save you having to pay each one manually... Read More

Customers - Advanced Payment & Deposits

You can record advanced payments and deposits for customers in the Invoices, Stats Etc. section of the Customer Profile.  Access that by going to Customers > Selecting the Customer > ... Read More


Manual Discounts

Manual discounts will apply the discounted price when you click the Apply Discount button to an eligible customer's invoice... Read More

Automatic Discounts

Automatic discounts will apply the discounted price at the time of an auto-enter details line item being added to an eligible customers invoice... Read More

Customer Debts

Reminder Letters

You can send a reminder letter directly within Tally.  Reminder letters can be tiered, meaning your letters can be progressively more insistent giving you scalability dependent on how late the ... Read More

Debt Collection

When an invoice becomes overdue a debt collection button will appear on your invoices.  Clicking this reveals several Tally partners that you can register with who provide debt collection ... Read More

Bad Debts

Bad debts are outstanding amounts on invoices that will never be paid.  Wiring off an invoice or outstanding amount as a bad debt will keep your accounts in order and no-longer class the invoice ... Read More

Automatic Credit Control

Tally includes an automatic credit control function, you can use this to automatically e-mail a customer a reminder that the invoice will soon be overdue or at a set frequency once the invoice becomes... Read More

Customer Debts

Tally has several features to help you manage debts and bad debts.  These features include bad debt management that lets your write off the money owed, reminder letters, debt collection and ... Read More


Packing Slips & Delivery Notes

Packing slips can be enabled on invoices, allowing you to include information on a packages content without including financial details such as price.  Packing slips can also show a separate ... Read More

Sending an Invoice

To send an invoice to a customer first go to Sales > Select the invoice that you would like to e-mail.  You can then use the Print Invoice or Email Invoice button to send the customer the ... Read More

Emailing Invoices

The following steps describe how to e-mail invoices from within Tally, both individually and in bulk... Read More

Creating an Invoice

Creating invoices in Tally is quick and easy.  To create invoices go to Sales > New Invoice... Read More


Invoice Numbering

Tally can only currently support numeric (entirely numbers based) invoice numbers and cannot support any letters or special characters and must be unique... Read More

Product Codes on Invoices

When creating a product you have option of adding a product code.  The product code is only for internal reference and isn't displayed anywhere on the customers invoices.  This guidance ... Read More

Gift Vouchers

If you sell gift vouchers then you'll need to account for them properly.  There are numerous different ways to do this... Read More

Show Part Payments on Invoices

By default, part payments on an invoice aren't shown.  This means that unless the invoice is fully paid the invoice total due will be the full amount of the invoice.  This can be easily ... Read More

Contra & Payments in Kind

To deal with contra payments you will need to create both the invoice your sending out and the receipt you will receive for the cash value.  This can be handled in Tally using the following ... Read More



Customer Sources

Tally gives you the option of selecting a customer source letting you record how you acquired this customer.  This can be used for reporting purposes and is particularly useful in monitoring ... Read More

Sales Types

Sales Types

You can view existing Sales Types by going to Settings > Sales Types or Sales > Sales Types.  Sales types can be thought of categories of goods and services.  A sales type will appear ... Read More

PDF Themes

Stop Invoice Lines Starting On a New Page

If you have a really long invoice or quote line, you may find that it starts on a new page.  This is because our system is designed to try and stop a line being split across multiple pages.  ... Read More

Invoice Options

Packing Slips

This option lets you enable and configure packing slips, also known as delivery notes.  After being enabled by going to Settings-> Invoice Options->Packing Slips,  you will have a ... Read More

Field Names - Invoice Options

This option can be found by going to Settings > Invoice Options >Field Names and here you have the ability to change 4 Fields, for example "Quantity"... Read More

Borders & Margins

Borders and margins option can be found by going to Settings > PDF Themes > click on a theme > Borders & Margins and it is where you can decide what parts of your documents to surround ... Read More

Basic Settings - Invoice Options

The Basic Settings in Invoice Options consist of 4 options.  Contact Name - By default, the customer address at the top of the invoice will just show the company name.  If you'd also ... Read More

Invoice Options

Going to Settings > Invoice Options can access your invoice options.  These settings are then broken up into four areas... Read More

Email Options

Email Options

E-mail options allows you to subscribe/unsubscribe to Tally updates, select if you would like to be e-mailed a notification when invoices or receipts become overdue, and BCC yourself with all invoices... Read More

Display Settings

Display Settings

The display settings allow you to customise and configure Tally to your own tastes.  These settings can be accessed by going to Settings > Display Settings.  The main options on this page... Read More

Delete Data

Delete Data

You can use the delete data screen to delete all or selected data from Tally.  Please note, deleted data cannot be recovered.  You should use this screen with caution.  Access this by ... Read More


Losses & Gains

When dealing with currencies other than your home currency you’re likely to encounter losses and gains as a result of foreign exchange fluctuations (known as FOREX losses and gains).  To ... Read More

Editing a Currency

Your currency options can be accessed by going to Settings > Currencies... Read More

Adding Another Currency

Your currency options can be accessed by going to Settings > Currencies.  To add a new one, click the Add another currency link.  You’re then taken to the currency details screen. &... Read More


From the currencies screen you can enable Tally to handle multi currency invoices and purchases.  Access it by going to Settings > Currencies.  Please note that Tally can currently only ... Read More

Company Details

Company Details

Company details is where you manage your companies details.  The information recorded here appears in every other part of Tally.  Access this screen by going to Settings > Company Details... Read More

CIS Options

CIS on Quotes

At the moment you cannot apply CIS deductions to Quotes, however we have do have a workaround which will allow you to calculate and apply CIS to a quote... Read More

CIS & Withholding Tax

If you work under the Construction Industry Scheme or WHT is applicable in your country (or the country some of your customers are in), then you will sometimes receive less than the full amount of ... Read More

CIS - No CIS Button on Invoices

There are 2 reasons why the CIS deduction Apply Charges button doesn’t appear on invoices... Read More

CIS - Deductions on Labour & Not Materials

When creating an invoice with CIS applied you may want to apply the CIS deduction to the labour only, and not the materials.  There is two ways of dealing with this in Tally... Read More

CIS Options

Tally supports CIS (construction industry scheme) withholding taxes.  Access this page by going to Settings > CIS Options.  This guidance describes what each of the settings on this page ... Read More

Chart of Accounts

Nominal Codes in all Areas

By default, Tally splits your nominal codes into Sales Types, Outgoing Types and Bank Transaction Types... Read More

Suggested Nominal Codes

You can add Sales Types and Outgoing Types either via Sales > Sales Types and Purchases > Outgoing Types, or you can just go straight to Settings > Chart of Accounts... Read More

Advanced Configuration Options - Chart of Accounts

From the Chart of Accounts (accessed by going to Settings > Chart of Accounts) you can enable several advanced options.  Do this by clicking the Show advanced configuration options link at the... Read More

Adding a Nominal Code

To add a nominal code from within the Chart of Accounts (accessible by going to Settings > Chart of Accounts) use the text box at the bottom to enter in the following... Read More

Chart of Accounts

To access your chart of accounts go to Settings > Chart of Accounts.  This is where all your accounts and nominal code settings are set and maintained.  The settings here impact how your ... Read More

Change Password

Change Password

This screen is used to change your password or memorable word.  You can only change one of these at a time.  Access this by going to Settings > Change Password. ... Read More

Backup Data

Restoring From Tally Backup

It is important to note that the Tally backup file cannot be used to restore an entire Tally account.  Instead, the backup file is a purely transactional record of all financial data that has ... Read More

Backup on Demand

You can get an instant backup of all your data in spreadsheet format at any time.  To do that, just go to Tools & Reports > General Reports > Sage Export... Read More

Automatic Backups Emailed Regularly

You can enable backups to be e-mailed to you on a set day of the month every month. These backups can be opened up in spreadsheet format or imported direct into Sage Line 50.  To set that up just... Read More

Backup Data

This screen allows you to get backups emailed to you regularly and can be accessed by going to Settings > Backup Data.   ... Read More

Asset Register Categories

Asset Register Categories

This page lets you define categories for use in the asset register and set defaults for assets contained within it to manage depreciation and nominal codes.  Access this page by going to Settings... Read More

Advanced Settings

Invoice Filename

In Tally the default file name for an invoice is 'InvoiceName-Invoicenumber.pdf', ie' Invoice-200.pdf'.  This can be changed within Tally’s advanced settings... Read More

Rent Deposits

This article advises on how to handle rent deposits in Tally... Read More

Advanced Settings

This guidance explains what each of the advanced settings options does.   Access this page by going to Settings > Advanced Settings.  These should normally be used with caution, as ... Read More

Account Switching

Account Switching

Account switching enables you to switch between Tally accounts quickly and easily using one click... Read More


Supplier Statements

Emailing Supplier Statements

Supplier statements can be e-mailed by going to Suppliers > Selecting the Supplier > Click the Purchases and Stats tab > Click Statement of Account button.  On the next screen click the ... Read More

Supplier Statements

You can instantly create a Supplier statement in Tally in just a couple of clicks.  Just go to Suppliers> Choose the Supplier > Purchases & Stats> Click the Statement button.  ... Read More

Supplier Discounts

Supplier Discounts

A Supplier discount is different from a Customer discount; there isn’t a specific field for the discount in Supplier options.  Instead what you need to do is add a line item to the receipt ... Read More


Supplier Details (Supplier Profile)

The Supplier Details screen (also known as the Supplier Profile) is where you input all the information like address, email address etc and enable various settings relevant to this supplier.  ... Read More

Creating a Supplier

You can create a supplier by going to Suppliers> Create a new Supplier.  You're then asked to enter your Supplier name and Supplier Code.  The code is to differentiate between your ... Read More


Reverse Charge

Please take a look at this article from HMRC: as it explains what the reverse charge is, when it should be used, and how it ... Read More

Suppliers - Advanced Payment & Paying Deposits

You can record advanced payments and deposits for Suppliers in the Purchases and Stats section of the Supplier Profile.  Access that by going to Suppliers> Select the Supplier> Purchases ... Read More

Archiving a Supplier

Sometimes you may have a supplier you don’t trade with any more, but instead of deleting the Supplier you should archive them.  Archiving the supplier removed the supplier from drop down ... Read More

Tools & Reports

Project Reports

Project Report - Profit & Loss

The Profit & Loss Report lists your turnover less your cost of sales to give you your gross profit.  Expenses are then subtracted from your gross profit to give you your net profit.  ... Read More

Project Report - Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger report generates a complete list of all transactions against a nominal code over a set date range.  This report can be filtered by project to list only the transactions ... Read More

Project Report - Monthly Profit & Loss

The project monthly profit and loss report is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred over a calendar month, filtered by project.  To run the Project ... Read More

Projcet Report - Income by Sales Type

The project income by sales type report allows you to see all transactions associated to a specific sales type associated to a specific project.  Access this report by going to Projects > ... Read More

Project Report - Income by Product

The project income by sales type report allows you to see all transactions associated to a specific product and that is associated to a specific project.  Access this report by going to Projects... Read More

Income Reports

Invoice Lists

It is really easy to print all invoices for any period inside Tally... Read More

General Reports

Monthly Profit & Loss

The monthly profit and loss report is a financial statement that summarizes the revenues, costs and expenses incurred over a calendar month... Read More

Year End Process

At the end of your financial year, there is a process that needs to be completed.  This process "moves" all of your profit and loss from the year that is ending into a separate area of ... Read More

Profit & Loss

The Profit & Loss Report (commonly known as P&L) is along with your balance sheet and trial balance one of the most crucial reports when running a business.  A Profit & Loss Report ... Read More

NON-EC Sales List

The Non-EC Sales List displays a list of sales made to customers that you have selected as being based outside the EC.  Access this report by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports >... Read More

Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger report generates a complete list of all transactions against a nominal code over a set date range.  Access this report by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports >... Read More

HSBC Factoring

This guidance advises on how to set up factoring and report on it within Tally.  Although our report is titled HSBC factoring it can be used for other factoring services... Read More

Historic Sales & Expenditure

The Historic Sales & Expenditure report creates a report listing all sales types, outgoing types and bank transactions and the corresponding figures raised against them over a set date range. &... Read More

Health Check

The health check report generates a document that provides a financial health check for your business.  Access this report by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports > Health Check... Read More

Global Project Report

The global projects report gives you an overview of all projects on a singular CSV spreadsheet file.  Access this report by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports > Global Project ... Read More

Self Assessment

The Self Assessment report gives you the figures required to complete your Self Assessment form.  These figures are created by mapping your sales and outgoing Types to the boxes on the Self ... Read More

Sage Export

Tally believes that you own your data, therefore we give you the option to export your data into the standard Sage format which is downloaded as a CSV spreadsheet.  Using this data you can import... Read More

Trial Balance

The trial balance, (TB) also known as the General Ledger, is a list of all the nominal accounts (both revenue and capital) contained in the business.  This same list of nominal accounts can be ... Read More

Stock Overview

The stock overview report can be used to give you a valuation of stock you currently hold.  Access it by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports > Stock Overview Report.  ... Read More

Digita Exports

The digita export allows you to download a CSV file containing all your transactional data that can be imported into the digit suite of products... Read More

Customer Purchase History

The customer purchase history gives you a report detailing sales made to a specific customer in a CSV spreadsheet format.  Access this report by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports... Read More

CIS Summary

CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Report is based on the Sales and Purchases on which CIS deduction or WHT (Withholding Tax) that has been applied.  It is mainly relevant to customers in the ... Read More

Business Progress Summary

The business progress summary report allows you to produce a report that gives an overall indication on the health of your business, this report is primarily used for businesses involved with the ... Read More

Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet is a critically important report for a company.  It is a record of company’s assets, liabilities and capital & reserves.  It can identify financial strength and ... Read More

Audit Trail

The Audit Trail shows us any items that were created, changed or deleted between a specific date range and also any items dated in between two dates.  Access it by going to Tools & Reports &... Read More

Aged Debtors

Aged Debtors report is used to view the amount of money that is owed to your company until a specific date.  It will display the current balance owed to you and also the historical balance over ... Read More

Aged Creditors

The Aged Creditors report is used to view the amount of money that you owe to your suppliers (also known as creditors) until a specific date.  It will display the current balance you owe and also... Read More

Activity Report

The activity report shows you the transactions raised and payments that you have made or received over any specific period of time.  Access it by going to Tools & Reports > General Reports... Read More

EC Sales List

Your EC Sales List is a report detailing all VATable sales of goods and certain services made to EC customers over a certain period.  This guidance explains some basic settings and how to run the... Read More

Expenditure Reports

Expenditure by Type Trend

The Expenditure by Type Trend gives you a report showing on a month by month basis, the total expenditure amount for a specific outgoing type.  This is useful as it enables you to see if specific... Read More

Expenditure by Supplier

The Expenditure by Supplier report gives you a pie chart of your expenditure broken down by supplier.  This report is useful for figuring out which suppliers you spend the most on... Read More

Expenditure by Sub-Outgoing Type

Running the Expenditure by Outgoing Type gives you on a pie chart your expenses based on your expenditure broken down by sub-outgoing type.  This is useful to help track stock you have received ... Read More

Expenditure by Payment Method

The Expenditure by Payment Method report produces a list of all payments made using a specific payment type for the date period requested.  This can be used to balance your cheque book or to ... Read More

Expenditure by Outgoing Type

Running the Expenditure by Outgoing Type gives you on a pie chart your expenses based on your expenditure broken down by outgoing type... Read More



Sending an Email from an Ipad

If you use your Ipad to email quotes, invoices, or purchase orders, you may find you come across a problem when trying to edit your email template.  This is something that is related to the Ipad ... Read More

Emails Not Being Received

If your clients are not receiving your invoices or other email correspondence through Tally the chances are their spam filter is blocking it before it gets to them... Read More

Emails Undelivered

Tally will notify you if your emails are not delivered.  If you have email delivery issues, you may need to change settings on your domain server to authorise Tally to send mails on your behalf... Read More

Did My Email Send?

Have I e-mailed an invoice/quote/purchase order... Read More

Attachments, PDFs & Printing

PDF Themes - Advanced

You can create your own PDF Themes for documents such as invoices, quotes and so on.  The same theme template is used regardless of the type of document.  This document is intended to assist... Read More

PDF - Printing in Google Chrome

When using Tally in Google Chrome, the print options will print whatever is displayed within the Chrome browser window rather than letting Tally adjust the page to fit the width of one page of A4. &... Read More

PDF - No Print or Save Icons

You may find that if your using Google chrome, when trying to view or print invoices that the tabs within Adobe that usually allow you to print, save or perform a action that you need are missing. &... Read More

PDF - New Window

By default we show you PDF documents embedded in the page.  Some browser have trouble dealing with this.  To have PDFs open in a new window instead go to Settings -> Advanced Settings and... Read More

PDF - Can't Open or View

There are a few reasons why you would not be able to view a PDF in Tally.  Luckily all are resolved fairly easily... Read More

Accessing, Browsing & Connecting

No Reports & Graphs in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer currently has a known issue where it sometimes doesn't display charts and graphs in the reports section and also on the overview page.  This results in a completely blank ... Read More

Known Browser Issues

Tally currently has one or two known issues with legacy internet browsers; these and their workarounds and solutions are listed here... Read More

Tally Isn't Loading

Tally proudly boasts over a 99% uptime, if you're having problems accessing Tally just follow these steps... Read More

Tally is Slow

If you're finding Tally is a bit slower than usual try following these steps... Read More

Tally is Logging Me Out

Tally has a security feature in place that automatically logs you out after 1 hour.  If you're finding that Tally is logging you out too often this is probably because of cookies.  ... Read More

Internet Explorer Scripting Errors

If you are logged in to Tally and working on data and in particular Internet Explorer then you may see the error... Read More

Clearing Temporary Internet Files

Temporary internet files are files stored on your computer that help webpage’s you’ve previously visited load faster.  Occasionally they can cause some glitches which could make web ... Read More

Can't Login Using a Mac

If you have just entered the cool club and bought a brand spanking new iMac, then you may not be able to access Tally as your cookies may be blocking it.  This is easily rectified by going in to ... Read More



Modifying Transactions & VAT

If you edit or make any changes to transactions (Sales invoices/Purchase receipts/Bank transactions/Journals) in your account that were issued and submitted in a previous VAT period, Tally will pick ... Read More

Reversing Return Submitted for Incorrect Period

You may submit your VAT Return to HMRC through Tally but shortly after, receive an email saying there was an error to do with the period not being found like the one below... Read More

VAT Return Shows Old Data

When doing a VAT return you may find figures that have already been filed on the previous submitted VAT return.  The main reason why this happens is if the transactions have been edited/modified ... Read More

Deleting Transactions

Once a transaction is deleted from the system (ie a line item on an invoice or an entire invoice, or a sales receipt etc.) then it is gone forever, as if it never existed.  If this deleted ... Read More


Introduction to VAT

VAT Overview... Read More


VAT Refunds

If users receive a VAT refund payment from HMRC, the way to show this in Tally is to simply go to Bank -> View/Add Transactions, under Add New Transaction, enter the transaction date, comment (if ... Read More

VAT Partial Exemption

Tally can be used by companies that are “Partially exempt” for VAT purposes.  Sales are entered as usual – just select the relevant VAT rate like you normally would.  The ... Read More

VAT Liability on Overview Page

In order to view the VAT on the overview page go to Overview -> VAT liability.  This displays your VAT liability on your overview page for the current period so you're not taken by ... Read More

Display VAT on Invoices

There are a number of ways to display VAT on your invoices.  You can either show the VAT amount per line on the invoice or you can show just the total at the bottom of the invoice.  If you ... Read More


Manual Return

If you are filing your VAT return by post or your VAT return is being posted online outside of Tally you still need to let Tally know that you have filed it to ensure your records are correct... Read More

FRS VAT & Crossover Periods

If the VAT periods you're reporting on overlap a change in VAT Flat Rate Scheme rates then your VAT report needs to be calculated partially on the old rate and partially on the new rate.  ... Read More

Running VAT Return

To submit your VAT return simply go to REPORTS > GENERAL REPORTS and select VAT Management and Reports... Read More

Recording VAT Payment

Lots of VAT registered businesses use Tally, which is why we've made the process of recording VAT payments very straightforward.  Most of the work is done automatically, and it's just a ... Read More

Recording Return as Submitted

We want to make sure you don't fall foul of HMRC.  So that means we need to know what figures you are filing for your VAT returns.  We then put a virtual tick next to all the included ... Read More

Deleting a VAT Return

To delete a VAT return, go to Tools & Reports -> VAT Management reports -> Click on the submitted VAT return -> Delete (button in the bottom right hand corner... Read More

Online Filing

VAT Submission Errors

When you have the option to file your VAT return and EC sales list enabled in Tally, you may find that in some cases you receive an error message referring to the VAT validation.  In order to be ... Read More


Flat Rate VAT on CIS Scheme

If you are on the Flat Rate Scheme for VAT (FRS) then you will know that you need to calculate your VAT based on the gross value of your sales before any deductions... Read More

Invoicing Before VAT Number Issued

You can still send out invoices without your VAT number.  If you go to settings > VAT Settings you can check the box that you are VAT registered and input the VAT number once you have received... Read More

Standard VAT Nominal Codes

INPUT VAT – This is where all of the VAT from your Purchases is stored.  When a purchase receipt is created, then the VAT from this receipt is moved to the Input VAT code... Read More

Import VAT

When you import items from abroad, you may find from time to time you have to record your VAT in a different manner than usual... Read More

VAT Disbursements

To be able to show disbursements on your invoice what you will need to do is... Read More

VAT Calculations & Rounding

If you have an invoice with multiple lines on it and you then check the VAT amount is the correct percentage of the NET amount then you may find it to be a few pennies different from what you'd ... Read More

VAT Calculation Methods

Tally can calculate the VAT on your line items in two ways – either by line total or by calculating on individual unit price.  Both methods are recognised as correct by HMRC, but making ... Read More

VAT Apportionment

We don't have a dedicated report for viewing VAT apportionment unfortunately; we have however come up with a sneaky way of getting you the figures you need.  All you need is some spreadsheet ... Read More

VAT Annual Accounting Scheme

Although within the VAT settings area you can configure your VAT settings on a quarterly and monthly basis, it is also possible to create reports for the Annual Accounting Scheme for VAT... Read More

Changing VAT Scheme

If you find that you ever need to change VAT schemes, then you need to ensure that you update your settings within Tally on the day that the change is made.  To change your VAT scheme you simply ... Read More

Box 9

To get the VAT return to pick up values for box 9 you need to tick the 'VAT Options' box under the suppliers account.  This can be found by clicking the supplier tab, choosing the ... Read More

100% VAT Invoice

To create an invoice or receipt with 100% VAT, go to Sales > New Invoice or Purchases > New Receipt. Add a line to the invoice... Read More

0% & N/A VAT

When dealing with VAT it's important that you are aware of the distinction between 0% and N/A VAT... Read More

EC Sales List

EC Service Sales

If you do not want sales for services (rather than goods) to a EC customer to appear in box 8 on your VAT return, you can go to Sales ->Sales Type, select the sales type you want, and disable the ... Read More

EC Sales List Period

Unfortunately there is no way to submit an EC sales list independently to a VAT return.  You will need to submit the EC sales list outside of Tally, or request to change the period so the two ... Read More

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